100-mile Solo Time Trial

All the starting riders in the final event of the BUSA season came from two South-Eastern Universities: East Anglia and Cambridge. Six rode and six finished, despite a tough westerly breeze that left riders struggling on poor quality roads for miles on end. Cambridge took the team, with East Anglia second.

Course: L1006 (modified) (Garstang, Lancs)

Date: Sunday 28th June, 1998

We've also put together a plot of a few of the riders' times along the route (many thanks to Julii Brainard for this).

1 Stuart Lemanski Cambridge 4:13:02  23.712mph
2 Rob English Cambridge 4:14:26  23.582mph
3 John Swindells UEA 4:20:28  23.036mph
6 Adam Wild UEA 4:56:05  20.265mph
8 Sam Villeneuve UEA 5:34:25  17.942mph


Position Name Club Time Avg.
1 Stuart Lemanski Cambridge 4:13:02 23.712 mph
2 Rob English Cambridge 4:14:26 23.582 mph
3 John Swindells East Anglia 4:20:28 23.036 mph
4 Adam Wild East Anglia 4:56:05 20.265 mph
5 Ian Farrer Cambridge 5:13:30 19.139 mph
6 Sam Villeneuve East Anglia 5:34:25 17.942 mph
Richard Quayle Central Lancs D.N.S NA mph
Gareth Williams Manchester D.N.S NA mph

Men's Team

Pos University Riders Time
1 Cambridge Stuart Lemanski,Rob English,Ian Farrer 13:40:58
2 East Anglia John Swindells,Adam Wild,Sam Villeneuve 14:50:58


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