Team Time Trial, Swaffham

The UEA had one-and-a-bit teams entered for this one: the ladies team battled against constant cross-winds in a steady ride, which is more than could be said for the men's hybrid team. A touch of wheels brought a rider down, and the remaining three riders decided to complete the course at a leisurely pace.

Course: BS21 (Swaffham-Stradsett-Mundford - 50km)

Date: Sunday 16th March

Conditions: Warm (for March, anyway), and brisk westerly wind, which was probably a factor in the 4 crashes that occurred...

25 teams entered, 24 started

1=24Oxford University 'A' 1:09'24"26.860mph
(Tom Peel, Jim Henderson, Digby Symonds, Andy Salmon)
1=2Loughborough University 'A' 1:09'24"26.860mph
(Geoff Frost, Adrian Worthington, Dean Arey, F. Jackson)
325Sheffield University 1:09'33"26.802mph
(Matt Ascroft, Mike Ellicock, Andrew Kay, S. Oliver)
422Bath University 1:10'19"26.510mph
(Paul Standen, A Graham, N Dawes, Nick Hutchings)
521Cambridge University 'A' 1:10'33"26.423mph
(Michael Hutchinson, Rob English, Dan Shrimpton, Tony Hornbuckle)
611Canterbury University 1:10'40"26.379mph
(R Salmond, D Coleman, J Balmer, M Smith)
710Loughborough University 'C' 1:13'14"25.454mph
(D Myers, A Green, P West, D Meade)
813Cambridge University 'B' 1:13'59"25.196
(Duncan Alexander, Stuart Lemanski, Pete Haggie, Ian Farrer)
914Manchester University 1:14'36"24.988mph
(D Asbridge, C Nagy, P Wheeler, G Blindell)
1023Nottingham University 'A' 1:14'48"24.921mph
(R Twomey, D Haines, I Holt, I Melvin)
1120Oxford University 'B' 1:18'40"23.696mph
(N Pashley, M Einon, A Rowe, D Worthington)
1215Sheffield University 'B' 1:20'04"23.282mph
(A McFarlane, D Wixon, A Smith)
1319Loughborough University 'B' 23.214mph
(A Baker, S Briance, P Mace, E Mellor)
1412Oxford Brookes University 1:20'31"23.152mph
(A Withers, D Bell, N Foster, B Babister)
1517Liverpool University 1:22'48"22.513mph
(M Bailey, S Kean, D Lambert, P Apps)
165Nottingham Trent University 1:22'52"22.495mph
(A Kelly, S Wainwright, I Holt, I Melvin)
1716Loughborough University MTB 'A' 1:25'56"21.693mph
(J Lewis, S Wilkinson, H Jones, R Lamont)
186Loughborough University Ladies (L) 1:28'47"20.996mph
(D Hampton, A Gould, J Harrison, A Lotterill)
1918Nottingham University 'B' 1:29'37"20.801mph
(K Fearn, A Bond, M Clayton, T Jay)
207Cambridge University 'C' 1:33'28"19.944
(Andrew Mckay-Ferguson, Matt Wall, Kevin Knights, Tom North)
218Oxford University Ladies (L) 1:35'38"19.492
(B Allen, D Shipton, L Cogswell, F Harrison)
224Loughborough University MTB 'B' 1:42'27"18.195mph
(N Caton, R Carron, S Williams, J Love)
231Cambridge University Ladies (L) 1:44'09"17.898
(Dawn Sellars, Abbie Turner, Helen Clark, Christine Couldrey)
243University of East Anglia Ladies (L) 1:44'14"17.884mph
(J Tuck, J Brainard, B Carter, H Wells)

Note: (L) denotes Ladies team. Gold medals only awarded for women.

UEA CC women's team

UEA CC women's team


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