Solo 10-mile Time Trial, Hull (V718)

This event was staged where the Sun doesn't shine: Hull. It's got a lovely A-road though, and the times reflected that. Andy was having a bit of an off-day with his 22:32, but John and Jo both had a good ride; John PB'd, and Jo came very close to hers, despite a slippery turn and nagging outward headwind.

A hearty pat on the back to Keith Scott and the other organisers of the BUSA '10 in Hull on Saturday. The range of refreshments and freebies on offer showed the trouble everyone went to, making this an occasion to remember.


1Nic Hutchings Bath University0-20-28
2Michael Hutchinson Cambridge University CC0-20-42
3Colin Robertson Leeds University0-20-46
4Adrian WorthingtonLoughborough Students CC 0-20-49
5Jim HendersonOxford University CC 0-21-19
6Digby SymonsOxford University CC 0-21-27
7Mark MarshallCambridge University CC 0-21-31
8Dean AreyLoughborough University 0-21-35
9Alexander ThompsonEdinburgh University 0-21-40
10Gareth WilliamsManchester University R T 0-21-40
11Stuart LemanskiCambridge University CC 0-21-41
12Paul StandenBath University 0-21-50
13Alistair KaySheffield University 0-21-57
14Martyn EdwardsSouthampton Institute 0-21-57
15Simon OliverSheffield University 0-21-59
16Francis JacksonLoughborough Students CC 0-22-00
17Chris BrookingBath University 0-22-05
18Tony HornbuckleCambridge University CC 0-22-05
19Robert EnglishCambridge University CC 0-22-08
20Andrew SalmonOxford University CC 0-22-09
21David MichellLiverpool (John Moores) University 0-22-14
22Edward MellorLoughborough Students CC 0-22-19
23Cliff ElwellCambridge University CC 0-22-20
24Matthew MillerYork University 0-22-24
25Matthew AscroftSheffield University 0-22-25
26Antony GrabhamBath University 0-22-33
27Andy TylerEast Anglia University 0-22-36
28Paul BridgenHull University 0-22-39
29Richard VialTeeside University 0-22-40
30Ed WorthingtonSheffield University 0-22-40
31Adrian SnellBath University 0-22-40
32Nicholas DawesBath University 0-22-43
33Alex BakerLoughborough Students CC 0-22-44
34Daniel ShrimptonCambridge University CC 0-22-44
35David MyersLoughborough Students CC 0-22-51
36James EllwayBrunel University 0-22-51
37John SwindellsEast Anglia University 0-22-52
38Duncan EmeryImperial College CC 0-22-52
39Jonathan WebbSheffield University 0-22-53
40Andrew GreenLoughborough Students CC 0-22-54
41Jeff KappNottingham University 0-23-01
42Neil ArnoldBradford University 0-23-04
43Timothy McArdleHumberside University 0-23-07
44Kevin FearnNottingham University 0-23-09
45Steve WainwrightNottingham Trent University 0-23-11
46Nick PashleyOxford University CC 0-23-12
47Richard TowmeyNottingham University 0-23-14
48Nick WarrenManchester University R T 0-23-17
49Lee ShunburneStaffordshire University 0-23-22
50Duncan PutmanLoughborough Students CC 0-23-23
51Craig PerkinsSurrey University 0-23-24
52Andy ColeYork University 0-23-28
53James GreenDeMontfort University 0-23-37
54Steve OsgerbyTeeside University 0-23-39
55Richard CoomerCambridge University CC 0-23-40
56Garry WalkerNottingham Trent University 0-23-47
57Aidan BondNottingham University 0-23-48
58Matt TudorLoughborough Students CC 0-23-50
59Simon HillWarwick University 0-24-03
60Patrick TrainorUCNW 0-24-05
61Paul MaceLoughborough Students CC 0-24-11
62Brenda AllenOxford University CC 0-24-13
63Kieran LeachCentral Lancashire University 0-24-13
64Ian FarrerCambridge University CC 0-24-15
65Mark BennettNottingham University 0-24-18
66Tim JayNottingham University 0-24-25
67Denise HampsonLoughborough Students CC 0-24-26
68Chris WatkinsonNottingham University 0-24-31
69Francis LongworthOxford University CC 0-24-32
70John LowesLoughborough Students CC 0-24-33
71Scott WardTeeside University 0-24-35
72David DavisLoughborough Students CC 0-24-38
73Daniel WixonSheffield University 0-24-43
74James ScottManchester University R T 0-24-46
75Louise KingKeele University 0-24-53
76Geraint ParryWarwick University 0-25-01
77Jess HarrisonLoughborough Students CC 0-25-02
78Philip GreethamHumberside University 0-25-07
79Daniel LambertLiverpool University 0-25-12
80Jonathan PowellUMIST 0-25-17
81D ButtleYork University 0-25-20
82Alan SegarSheffield University 0-25-22
83Alexander RedwoodNottingham University 0-25-25
84Christopher DennisOxford University CC 0-25-33
85Daniel Forbes-FordOxford University CC 0-25-34
86Ruaira O'DonnellManchester University R T 0-25-41
87Ruisine AirstoneManchester University R T 0-25-42
88Richard HudsonCentral Lancashire University 0-25-44
89Hazel PurserManchester University R T 0-25-48
90Suzanne BullardWarwick University 0-25-56
91Jonathan BoxhallLoughborough Students CC 0-26-00
92Charles MorganOxford University CC 0-26-03
93John HarwoodYork University 0-26-03
94Joanne TuckEast Anglia University 0-26-11
95Stephen HalfordLoughborough Students CC 0-26-37
96Kevin KnightsCambridge University CC 0-26-44
97Ian HoggarthNottingham University 0-27-02
98David MeridithYork University 0-27-09
99Jonathan HeadBrookes University 0-27-24
100Andrew McKayFerguson Cambridge University CC 0-27-40
101James WestonYork University 0-27-47
102Alexandra CotterillLoughborough Students CC 0-27-59
103Ben NelsonCentral Lancashire University 0-28-31
104David HallUCNW 0-28-53
105Helen ClarkCambridge University CC 0-28-56
106Marguerite LazellImperial College CC 0-29-29
107Chloe StarrOxford University CC 0-29-44
108Eleanor WilliamsonReading University 0-29-49
109David CharltonTeeside University DNF
110Abigail TurnerCambridge University CC DNS(A)
111Mark ClaytonNottingham University DNS(A)
112Francie HarrisonOxford University CC DNS(A)
113Sean KerrLiverpool University DNS(A)
114David CooperEast Anglia University DNS(A)
115James MunroeManchester University R T DNS(A)
116Alex KingWorcester College of HE DNS(A)
117Jacqui PiercyNottingham University DNS(A)
118Duncan AlexanderCambridge University DNS(A)
119Tom SmithWarwick University DNS(A)
120Gary McAdieWarwick University DNS(A)
121Scott ForbesLoughborough Students CC DNS(A)
122Simon RichardsonUCNW DNS(A)
123Chris NagyManchester University R T DNS(A)
124Martin HaggerLoughborough Students CC DNS(A)
125Jason DuckworthGlasgow University DNS(A)
126Duncan MeadeLoughborough Students CC DNS(A)
127Caroline DykeLeeds University DNS(A)
128Duncan StewartWarwick University DNS(A)
129Huw JonesLoughborough Students CC DNS(A)
130Nick LeeLeeds University DNS
131Ruth DaynesSheffield University DNS
132Nicholas FangOxford University CC DNS
133Philip LeighLancaster University DNS
134Andrea IngramSheffield University DNS
135Shaun PearsonNottingham Trent University DNS
136Robin AstleWarwick University DNS
137Adam KellyNottingham Trent University DNS
138Stephen PieriniOxford University CC DNS
139Jon GreenwellLondon University DNS
140Darren WoodsSt Martins DNS
141Victoria HumeLoughborough Students CC DNS
142Peter HaggieCambridge University CC DNS(A)


152 Brenda AllenOxford U 24'13"
287 Denise HampsonLoughborough U 24'26"
312 Louise KingKeele U 24'53"
4119 Jess HarrisonLoughborough U 25'02"
577 Rusine AirstoneManchester U 25'42"
6122 Hazel PurserManchester U 25'48"
727 Suzanne BullardWarwick U 25'56"
8133 Jo TuckU of East Anglia 26'11"
989 Alexandra CotterillLoughborough U 27'59"
1069 Helen ClarkCambridge U 28'56"


1Cambridge (Hutchinson, Marshall, Lemanski)1:03'54"
2Bath(Hutchings, Standen, Brooking) 1:04'23"
3Loughborough (Worthington, Arey, Jackson)1:04'24"
4Oxford(Henderson, Symons, Salmon) 1:04'55"
5Sheffield(Kay, Oliver, Worthington) 1:06'21"
6Cambridge B(Hornbuckle, English, Elwell) 1:06'33"
7Loughborough B1:07'54"
8Bath B1:07'56"
9Sheffield B1:09'16"
10Nottingham A1:09'24"
11U of East Anglia 1:11'39"


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