Solo 50-mile Time Trial, Oxford (H50/14)

Carbo-loading and a great course on a lovely day allowed John to improve by seven minutes, putting his PB down to a long 1:53. Andrew Britcher (alias Sam Villeneuve...) rode a commendable first ride of 2:17.

Oxford University BUSA 50 and Open 50

Date 15th June 1997

Course H50/14a

Weather Slight crosswind

BUSA Results


Gold Jim Henderson (Oxford)
Silver Digby Symons (Oxford)
Bronze David Myers (Loogabarooga)


Gold Denise Hampson (Loogabarooga)
Silver Brenda Allen (Oxford)
Bronze Louise King (Keele)


Gold Bath (Chris Brooking, Nic Hutchings, Paul Standen)
Silver Cambridge (Robbo English, Stuart Lemanski, Duncan Alexander)
Bronze Oxford (Sir James Henderson, Duke Digby Symons, Lady Brenda Allen)

Overall Placings

Position Name Institute Time
1Jim HendersonOxford University CC 1:47:00
2Digby SymonsOxford University CC 1:50:48
3David MyersLoughborough Stud CC 1:52:13
4Chris BrookingBath University 1:52:50
5Damian ColemanCanterbury Ch Ch Coll 1:52:52
6Nic HutchingsBath University 1:53:07
7Ivan PrinceUniversity of Bristol 1:53:36*
8Robert EnglishCambridge University CC 1:53:39
9John SwindellsUniversity of E Anglia 1:53:47
10Mark SmithCanterbury Ch Ch Coll 1:54:09
11Stuart LeamanskiCambridge University CC 1:54:21
12Paul StandenBath University 1:55:17
13Duncan AlexanderCambridge University CC 1:55:33
14Gareth WilliamsManchester University RT 1:56:35
15Cliff ElwellCambridge University CC 1:56:43
16Malcolm MartinSouthboro & Dist Whs 1:56:46
17Mark MarshallCambridge University CC 1:57:36
18Daniel ShrimptonCambridge University CC 1:57:55
19Tony HornbuckleCambridge University CC 1:58:10*
20Anthony GrabhamBath University 1:58:34
21James BalmerCanterbury Ch Ch Coll 1:59:26
22Neil ArnoldBradford University 1:59:36
23Nicholas DawesBath University 2:00:07
24Robert SalmondCanterbury Ch Ch Coll 2:00:15
25David MichellLiverpool J.M. Uni 2:01:53
26Mark HoldenCoventry University 2:02:37
27Lee ShunburneStaffordshire University 2:02:41
1Denise Hampson (W)Loughboro Students CC 2:04:20
29Paul MaceLoughboro Students CC 2:06:07
30Matthew MillerYork University 2:07:04
2Brenda Allen (W)Oxford University CC 2:08:03
32Darren ButtleYork University 2:09:53
33Andrew ColeYork University 2:10:26
34Steve WainwrightNottingham Trent Uni 2:10:39
3Louise King (W)Keele University 2:13:14
36Ian MaltbyUniversity of Greenwich 2:13:52
37James ScottManchester Uni RT 2:14:43
38Andrew BritcherUniversity of E Anglia 2:17:14
4Eleanor Williamson(W)Reading University 2:21:31
5Caroline James (W)Cardiff University 2:28:08*
6Sabine Ritter-Mal (W)University of Greenwich 2:30:21
7Helen Clark (W)Cambridge University CC 2:30:50*
43Ian FarrerCambridge University CC 2:32:19
44Stuart MilesOxford University CC 2:51:25*

Open Results

Just so that you can tell your friends that you rode against the Walker brothers…

Harry WalkerGS Metro1:43:19
Robin JacksonHounslow & Dist Whs1:46:47
Jim HendersonOxford University CC1:47:00
Glen FoskettCoalville Wheelers CC1:48:21
Jon RickardsGS Metro1:49:32
Andy CookChippenham & Dist Whs1:49:39
Daniel JohnsonHigh Wycombe CC1:50:16
Digby SymonsOxford University CC1:50:48
Brian WalkerGS Metro1:51:07
Steven BatsfordMid Devon CC1:51:52
Paul GamlinMCS RT1:52:09
David MyersLoughborough Stud CC1:52:13
Chris BrookingBath University1:52:50
Damian ColemanCanterbury Ch Ch Coll1:52:52
Charles ZanettacciCheltenham & County CC 1:53:02
Nic HutchingsBath University1:53:07
Paul LilleyTamworth RC1:53:11
Ivan PrinceUniversity of Bristol1:53:36*
Robert EnglishCambridge University CC1:53:39
James HarrowTeam Chiltern1:53:40
John SwindellsUniversity of E Anglia1:53:47
Gil SummyOxford City RC1:54:05
Mark SmithCanterbury Ch Ch Coll1:54:09
Dale AitkenheadGS Metro1:54:19
Stuart LeamanskiCambridge University CC 1:54:21
Jon StroudPlanet X1:54:27
Martin GibbsTwickenham CC1:54:41
Paul StandenBath University1:55:17
Les HewitsonStourbridge CC1:55:27
Duncan AlexanderCambridge University CC 1:55:33
Alex KingWorcester Coll of H.E.1:55:42
Phil CookeLeamington C&AC1:56:06
Robert TremlinCorinium CC1:56:10
Peter EelesNewbury RC1:56:14
Gareth WilliamsManchester University RT 1:56:35
Cliff ElwellCambridge University CC1:56:43
Malcolm MartinSouthboro & Dist Whs1:56:46
Andrew PayneGS Stella1:56:52
Roland ElsdonRugby RCC1:56:53
Mark MarshallCambridge University CC1:57:36
Daniel ShrimptonCambridge University CC 1:57:55
Tony HornbuckleCambridge University CC1:58:10*
Peter RichardsIcknield Road Club1:58:31
Anthony GrabhamBath University1:58:34
James BalmerCanterbury Ch Ch Coll1:59:26
Neil ArnoldBradford University1:59:36
John HowellsCorinium CC1:59:48
Nicholas DawesBath University2:00:07
Robert SalmondCanterbury Ch Ch Coll2:00:15
William HarperWarwickshire Road Club2:00:36
Tom CoxPolytechnic CC2:00:40
Liz Milne (W)Coalville Wheelers CC2:00:52
Russell ColesWeston Wheelers2:01:12
Martin StainesWorcester St Johns CC2:01:35
David MichellLiverpool J.M. Uni2:01:53
Phil CollettOxonian CC2:02:15
Neil PughRAF CC2:02:20
Mark HoldenCoventry University2:02:37
Lee ShunburneStaffordshire University2:02:41
Nigel BriggsCoventry Road Club2:02:42
Thomas GillingsRother Valley CC2:02:46
Celia Foskett (W)Coalville Wheelers CC2:03:09
David EnglandCrabwood CC2:03:20
Tony EmeryDursley RC2:03:21
Paul DoughtyPoole Wheelers2:03:56
Denise Hampson (W)Loughboro Students CC 2:04:20
Neil SmithHillingdon CC2:05:06
Michael DixWeston Wheelers2:05:08
Steve CousinsNorth Bucks Road Club2:05:12
Lynn Green (W)Stourbridge CC2:05:23
Mick FountainDidcot Phoenix CC2:06:04
Paul MaceLoughboro Students CC2:06:07
Cliff VollerNewbury RC2:06:35
Graham SmithSevern RC2:06:54
Chris HartOxonian CC2:06:55
Stewart HarrisonVC Camelot2:07:02
Matthew MillerYork University2:07:04
Chris WaddupOxonian CC2:07:22
John PearceBournemouth Jubilee Whs2:07:46
Brenda Allen (W)Oxford University CC2:08:03
Warren EllisLeicestershire RC2:08:12
Mick RobertsSan Fairy Ann2:08:38
Graham PettittHillingdon CC2:08:38
Lee AllenLeamington C&AC2:08:39
Christopher MintoReading CC2:08:59
Darren ButtleYork University2:09:53
Andrew ColeYork University2:10:26
Steve WainwrightNottingham Trent Uni2:10:39
Richard CollinsTwickenham CC2:10:58*
Lawrence SummersWeston Wheelers2:11:15
Louise King (W)Keele University2:13:14
Iorwerth MorganNewbury RC2:13:35
Ian MaltbyUniversity of Greenwich2:13:52
Gill Tree (W)Southboro & Dist Whs2:14:16
Chris FordhamCheltenham & County CC 2:14:35
James ScottManchester Uni RT2:14:43
Paul BarkerWesterley Road Club2:16:10
Andrew BritcherUniversity of E Anglia2:17:14
Melissa Kitcher (W)Poole Wheelers2:18:53
Eleanor Williamso(W)Reading University2:21:31
Caroline James (W)Cardiff University2:28:08*
Sabine Ritter-Mal (W)University of Greenwich 2:30:21
Helen Clark (W)Cambridge University CC2:30:50*
Ian FarrerCambridge University CC2:32:19
Virginia Cox (W)Weston Wheelers2:34:35
Stuart MilesOxford University CC2:51:25*

Late starts

Number 9 35 min

21 1 min 30 secs

28 30 secs

29 20 secs

111 1 50 secs


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