Solo 100-mile Time Trial, Garstang (L1005)

Things didn't quite go to plan for John, whose boundless energy (thanks to carbo-loading) was wasted on legs that hadn't done enough training.

Garstang, Lancashire

BUSA 100-mile Time Trial

Sunday 29th June, 1997

1Jim Henderson Oxford Uni CC04:06:59
2Philip LeighLancaster Uni 04:08:56
3Stuart LemanskiCambridge Uni CC 04:11:27
4Digby SymonsOxford Uni CC 04:15:05
5John SwindellsUni of East Anglia 04:18:19
6Cliff ElwellCambridge Uni CC 04:21:59
7David RyanOxford Uni CC 04:28:37
8Tony HornbuckleCambridge Uni CC 04:31:17
9David MyersLoughborough Students CC 04:37:34
10Brenda AllenOxford Uni CC 04:43:16
11Andy ColeUni of York CC 04:45:42
12Matthew MillerUni of York CC 05:02:05
13Christopher DennisOxford Uni CC 05:04:13
14Richard QuayleUni of Central Lancs 05:24:49
15Eleanor WilliamsonOxford Uni CC 05:27:10
16Nick PashleyOxford Uni CC DNF
17Alex KingWorcester College DNF
18Stephen PieriniOxford Uni CC DNS
19Tom ForbesGlasgow Uni DNS
20Steve WainwrightNottingham Trent Uni DNS
21Ian MaltbyUni of Greenwich DNS


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