Hal Eriksen had a storming ride in the Fun Category!
PostnRace NoName Institute
1546Chris Wilkinson Sheffield
2547James MeadSheffield
3556Ian Hansen Leeds Metro
4516Rob McCaulay Leeds Metro
5254Richard James Cen Lancs ???
6518Chris GreenLeeds Metro
7521Andrew OldLiverpool JM
8515Richard Wade Leeds
9509Halvard Erikson East Anglia
10503Simon Perry Cen Lancs
11520Edward Wilson Leeds Metro
12540Stuart Chambers Northumbria
13513Richard Smith Leeds
14554Lee EvansWarrington
15514Duncan Lydon Leeds
16551David Hall/Paul Wade ???
17517Chris Mosley Leeds Metro
18506Howard Meeson Cen Lancs
19511Chri Rodriguez Edinburgh
20501J Costly-White Birmingham
21558Philip Jones Liverpool Hope
22703Dan CoxHert'shire
23552Chris Jubb Warrington
24541Antony McAndrew Northumbria
25553Conrad Haigh Warrington
26504Peter Hindley Cen Lancs
27508Richard Stephenson Cen Lancs
28548Erik Fariburn Sheffield
29549Ben Pinnick Sheffield
30542Richard Sowden Northumbria
31559Matthew Cumming Liverpool Hope
32507Chris Wilcox Cen Lancs


1519Emma Hodgeson Leeds Metro


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