The BUSA BAR Competition

Women's Bar

Now that the 10-, 25- and 50-mile time trials are done, the women's BAR is complete. Denise Hampson started the 50-mile time trial with a clear lead in the BAR, but ended up winning by default, and setting a speedy time anyway.
Pos Name University 10 time 10 speed 25 time 25 speed 50 time 50 speed Avg. Speed
1 Denise Hampson Loughborough 24:45 24.24mph 1:02:38 23.95mph 2:11:23 22.83mph 23.675 mph

Men's Bar

The 100-mile time trial has finally been run, and the absence of Duncan Alexander (Cambridge) from the field meant left John Swindells (UEA) at the top of the table with a narrow margin over Rob English (Cambridge). A 10-minute margin would have given Rob the BAR, but despite a valiant effort he could only muster 6 minutes, leaving John the outright winner by the closest of margins.
Pos Name University 10 speed 25 speed 50 speed 100 Speed Avg. Speed
1 John Swindells East Anglia 26.77mph 26.76mph 26.07mph 23.04mph 25.659 mph
2 Robert English Cambridge 26.14mph 26.38mph 26.17mph 23.58mph 25.567 mph
3 Adam Wild East Anglia 22.58mph 22.85mph 22.18mph 20.26mph 21.970 mph
4 Ian Farrer Cambridge 22.74mph 22.72mph 21.47mph 19.14mph 21.518 mph
5 Sam Villeneuve East Anglia 22.03mph 22.07mph 20.37mph 17.94mph 20.604 mph


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