BUSA 1996 Hill Climb

Sunday 20th October, 1996

Individual Prizes

Gold Jim Henderson (Oxford) 3:41.0
Silver John Swindells (UEA) 4:10.4
Bronze Alastair Kay (Sheffield) 4:10.9
Ladies Gold Brenda Allen (Oxford) 6:04.1

Team Prizes

Gold Oxford 12:38.7
Silver Manchester 13:15.6
Bronze Sheffield 13:34.7
    Andy Tyler		4:45.3		(18)
    Jesse Baines		5:00.0		(24)
    David Cooper		5:15.7		(34)
    Jo Tuck			8:16.7		(47)
Wet, wet, wet... much fun was had by all in this soooo popular start to the BUSA season. What's more, a medal was won...

Driving rain made people go faster this year than last (?), but that might have something to do with a small amount of wind assistance.
Some riders (notably Dave and Andy, whingers) complained of wheel-spin, but John didn't have any of it as he psyched his way up the hill in something of a PB to his first ever BUSA medal. Having said that, he was the only one hyper-ventilating at the top, followed shortly by vomiting and shivering.
John's quote: "When you can feel the blood in your lungs, you know you've worked hard enough"
Jo's aim was simply to finish the gruelling climb, and she did so admirably on a sensibly low gear. Jesse showed fine form on his first attempt at the climb, and clocking 5 minutes dead was a feat in itself.


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