CC Breckland 12-hour time trial (District Champs)

Taking place on at 6AM

Location: Scoulton, Breckland District, United Kingdom

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The HQ will probably be the Lincoln Hall in Hingham (on the main Watton Road, opposite Fairhead Garage) and the start will be there as well. CTT website

Description Inter miles Total miles
Start at paint mark on B1108, opposite Garage, outside Lincoln's Hall (HQ), Hingham 00
Proceed west on B1108 via Carbrooke rab and mini rab to Watton Traffic Lights Turn left onto A1075 and proceed to 'White Post' junction at Stow Bedon Turn left at junction onto B1111 and proceed to Shropham Hall X roads, turn left and proceed through Shropham to turn left onto sliproad to join A11 eastbound 15.79915.799
Proceed on A11 via Attleborough bypass to Browick interchange, take sliproad signed B1135 'Mulbarton' to 1st rab take 3rd exit and proceed over bridge to 2nd rab, take 2nd exit to rejoin A11 southbound. Proceed via Attleborough bpass and rab to Eccles Road interjunction bridge 19.52435.323
continue on A11 southbound to Thetford rab, take 2nd exit and continue on A11 to sliproad signed 'Croxton' take sliproad and proceed to T junction (CAUTION) turn right and proceed under A11 to take sliproad to A11 eastbound Proceed via Thetford rab to start of Circuit No.1 at Eccles Road bridge 20.09555.418
circuit no.1 (eccles road - thetford - eccles road) take sliproad and proceed to shropham - old buckenham road, turn left and proceed under a11 to turn left into sliproad to a11 southbound. proceed on a11 via thetford rab to sliproad signed 'croxton', take sliproad and proceed to t junction (caution), turn right and proceed under a11 to sliproad to a11 eastbound. proceed on a11 via thetford rab to complete circuit at eccles road bridge on a11. 20.70576.123
completion of 2nd circuit 20.70596.828
completion of 3rd circuit 20.705117.533
completion of 4th circuit 20.705138.238
on completion of circuit no.4 proceed to 'soft verge' sign to start circuit no.2 0.153138.391
circuit no.2 (browick - eccles road - browick) continue on a11 via attleborough rab and bypass to sliproad signed ' mulbarton - b1135 ', take sliproad and proceed to browick rab (1), take 3rd exit and proceed over bridge to browick rab (2). take 2nd exit to join a11 southbound and proceed via attleborough bypass and rab to sliproad, take sliproad to t junction with old buckenham - shropham road, turn right caution and proceed under a11 to turn right caution into sliproad onto a11 eastbound, proceed to a11 to complete circuit 20.075158.466
completion of 2nd circuit 20.075178.541
completion of 3rd circuit 20.075198.616
completion of 4th circuit 20.075218.691
completion of 5th circuit 20.075238.766
completion of 6th circuit 20.075258.841
on completion of 6th circuit proceed to attleborough rab, take 1st exit signed 'gravel pit' and proceed to great ellingham x roads. 4.138262.979
Turn left and proceed through Rocklands, down Caston hill to turn right (CAUTION) signed 'Carbrooke', proceed north to junction with B1108. Turn left to START of FINISHING CIRCUIT at milestone (Watton - 3 miles) 5.800268.779
Finishing circuit. Start at Milestone (Watton - 3 miles) proceed west to Carbrooke rab, turn and retrace on B1108 to Hingham. At Hingham Green take 1st left and proceed to X rds, turn right (CAUTION) and proceed to X Rds (B1108) turn right (CAUTION) and proceed west on B1108, via Scoulton to complete circuit at Miliestone (Watton - 3 miles) 11.141279.920
Completion of 2nd circuit 11.141291.061
Completion of 3rd circuit 11.141302.202
Completion of 4th circuit 11.141313.343

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling


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