Lotus League Team Time Trial

Taking place on at 7PM

Location: Hethel, United Kingdom

You can get your personalised entry form for this event. Click here to get started.

This is a big event where the local clubs get a chance to show just how organised they are! Teams of four must ride together for roughly 11 miles (4 laps) around the Lotus test track at Hethel, so it's important that they are capable of staying together and making the most of each other's slip-stream. A team can consist of three entrants, but no more than four.

People need to enter individually for this; go to the 4-up Team Time Trial page on the BC website to do this. More info on the Lotus Cycle Racing website.

DO NOT FORGET to print out a Group Lotus PLC Cycle Event Track Indemnity Form, which you must complete and hand in on your first visit.

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling