18 March 2012: Great Yarmouth CC 25-mile time trial

Taking place on at 9AM

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Heavy rain overnight meant that there was lots of standing water on the Somerleyton course, and temperatures were quite low on the overcast morning. Times were pretty much guaranteed to be below par.

Strada Sport team-mates Liam Gentry and Stuart Pryce managed to claim joint first position, but still only managing just over the hour.


A load of excellent photos were taken by John Swanbury; you can find them all in his kirkleyjohn Flickr collection: Gt Yarmouth CC open 25-mile time trial (BS13 course) March 18, 2012

News report in the EDP: Nothing to separate battling Strada duo in Great Yarmouth CC 25 by Fergus Muir.

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling