Dunwich Dynamo

Taking place on at 8PM

Location: London Fields East Side, London, UK

This is an "unofficial" ride from Hackney's London Fields to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. It's a bit over 100 miles long, but what makes it special is that you set off at dusk - and hope to arrive in Dunwich by dawn. There's no entry fee; just turn up and ride.

If you think you need it, you can pay for a space for you and your bike to taken back to London. Personally I'll be riding down to London from North Norfolk before DD, and riding back home afterwards - roughly 500km round trip in 24 hrs.

For more info, visit the unofficial Dunwich Dynamo website.

Route and dotwatcher

The route is fairly straight; I've made it available on cycling.routes.fun. You can also download a route card there; strap it to your handlebars to give you placemarkers to aim for and tick off! You can let other people track you, using the Dunwich Dynamo Dot-watcher.

By John Swindells

Category: Cycling


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