Dragon Ride

Taking place on at 7AM

Location: Margam, UK

This was a hilly sportive in south Wales, with Margam Park as the headquarters. It was all extremely well organised, from the car parking to the feed stops, and everyone I encountered was really friendly. There were lots of volunteer marshals at key junctions to keep us all going the right way. Some of them had to put up with some dreadful weather, as did the photographers who were capturing our smiles and grimaces all along the course.

Despite a heavy shower as the Devil riders set off, the start of my ride shortly after was in fairly bright conditions - made slightly unpleasant by the spray. Conditions changed at the top of the first climb though, and from then on (roughly mile 20 to mile 80) there was rain interspersed with heavy rain. During this I gradually got colder and colder, and my muscles almost seized up at the third feed stop. The delicious potatoes (soaked in oil and salt) kept me going though. It was only when I reached the base of Black Mountain that conditions finally improved and I started to warm up again. After a brief shower in Brynamman the sun came out properly, and the last 40 miles were ridden in good spirits and blue skies!

The torrential rain around the middle of the ride is probably what put my Garmin into diagnostic mode, causing me to lose 8 miles from my activity:


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By John Swindells

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