Avoid big bills with Oil Fuel Poverty Solutions

Do you know anyone who struggles to find a large sum of money when their heating oil tank runs low? Maybe it's you. If so, that's not a surprise, as over 20% of the UK's heating oil consumers spending over 10% of their income on heating. Unlike gas consumers there is no regulated means for people to spread their payments over a longer period. In some cases this can make heating simply unaffordable.

Fortunately, there are organisations committed to helping make oil more affordable, either by group buying or by customised pay-as-you-consume schemes. Oil Fuel Poverty Solutions (OFPS) fits into the second category with its PayGo system, by using smart metering on s resident's oil tank to track their daily usage and days left in the tank. Watch this video from Community Buying Unlimited to get a better idea:

So in summary, a smart meter tracks your actual usage, and you pay for your oil as you use it. To find out more, please visit the OFPS Community OIL Fund and PAYGO page or Community Buying Unlimited's oil fuel poverty page.


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