Oil Buying Clubs

This is an overview of the various oil buying groups in the UK.

List of Buying Clubs

Here are a couple of sites attempting to list the huge array of oil syndicates in the UK:

Oil Buying Groups

Oil Consolidation: Do You Run a Discount Oil Scheme?

There are very good explanations here:

Frittenden Heating Oil Buying Group

RuralMuse: Heating Oil syndicate

Horringer Oil Buying Syndicate

Brailes 3 Fuels Syndicate FAQs

Maldon and District Local Buying Club

Here are oil-buying clubs we have located:


by J Jones on 16 February 2015 Reply
Anybody know of a baby tanker delivery service in North Norfolk?
by Gerry on 13 January 2015 Reply
We provide free software for community oil buying groups across the UK - just get in touch.
by David Gardiner on 10 March 2020 Reply
can you send me details about software for your oil buying group
by sarah eyles on 26 July 2018 Reply
Hi there, I'm helping to set up an oil buying group in west wales. Do you have software for this, are you saying? Would be great to find out more. Kind regards,


by Gerry Johnson on 28 July 2018 Reply
Hi Sarah, we run a number of local oil buying clubs on our software, about 2,500 households from Suffolk to Wiltshire. Just mail me and I will send our details



by Roy Coldrick on 28 November 2015 Reply
Gerry , I would love to have a look at your software. Does it run on MAC? Or mobile platform?
by Gerry on 14 December 2015 Reply
Hi Roy

Yes it runs on any browser or mobile device. It's cloud hosted.

Please get in touch for more info

by Roy Coldrick on 14 December 2015 Reply
How do I do that - I can't see an email address. Happy for you to contact me on roy@coldrick.net
by Jason Tinley on 07 November 2012 Reply
The Somerset Community Oil Scheme reduces the cost of your domestic heating oil each time you place an order. By combining the orders from all the scheme members from Somerset, as well as those from sister-schemes in Devon, West of England & Wiltshire, and buying in bulk together members save money on their heating oil and help combat fuel poverty.

A 12-month membership of the scheme is just ?20 for domestic users, ?30 for community organisations and ?100 for businesses, and will allow you to order for as many of our monthly order deadlines as you need.

We currently have 11 local community coordinators and more than 400 members. Over the last three months we have made the following savings in pence per litre (ppl).

August 2012 - Member Price: 54.60ppl (Saving 3.60ppl)

September 2012 - Member Price: 59.65ppl (Saving 3.11ppl)

October 2012 - Member Price: 57.60ppl

(Saving 4.40ppl)

Since the start of the scheme in September 2011 our members have saved a massive ?21,839.34, 8.1% of the total cost! On average we have saved our members 4.72 pence per litre.

by joyce jenkyns on 06 January 2013 Reply
why do the oil companies only deliver min 500 ltres. I used less than this in a year as there are only 2 adults in our household. Having to pay out over ?300 in one shot is very expensive for me. Does anyone know if there are any oil companies out there that do like 3 runs a year?? or am i just dreaming


by Shelley Labbett on 12 February 2013 Reply
Hi Joyce,

When i've looked into this the main reason i was told is to do with weights and measures equipment. Most suppliers don't have sufficiently acurate enough measuring equipment for small quanties. Whether this is true or not i'm not sure, but,there is no legal limit on a minimum quantity, but they do need to be able to measure how much they are giving you. Another, and very plausable reason is economy of scale. It costs so much in fuel to take a tanker out to deliver that it just isn't viable, or good for the planet, to deliver very small quantities. Doesn't help your situation I'm afraid.

by caroline cobden on 07 July 2012 Reply
Hi I Recently organised a bulk order for some of our village in Somerset. how can i get in touch with other free syndicates in Someret to maximise our potential purchase.?
by Paul Olson on 26 October 2012 Reply
In Spaxton, near Bridgwater, we have a consortium that bulk buys oil four or five times a year. Each member is billed direct by the supplier and is responsible for their own bill. The group buys about 30 -40000 litres at a time and we save about 5 pence a litre. Miinimum order is 500 litres.

The consortium has been in operation for several years and is seen as being very successful. Maybe if several such groups got together and consolidated their orders to say 100,000 litres we could achieve an even bigger discount.

by Dave Smith on 29 August 2012 Reply
Hi Caroline, I run a buying group called Neslogs. We have been buying oil for our group for over 7 years, we order every month and and membership is free. We order well over 100,000 litres each month.

We allow all the oil companies to tender for the order each month and the one that comes in with the lowest quote wins the order. Each member pays their bill direct to the oil company and so on to the next month. Regards, Dave.

by Carol Wayne on 04 March 2012 Reply
Chandlers Oil 08456 202010 offer village buying groups in Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire. Great prices with the most reliable service that we have found.
by Johnny Denis on 10 February 2012 Reply
Hello Swinny.net readers, Please can you add our Co-operative Buying Group to your list.

We are The Fuel Co-op www.thefuel.coop

We went live in November, based in, but not exclusive to, East Sussex.

by John Swindells on 10 February 2012 Reply
Hi Johnny, thanks for getting in touch. You're now on the list!
by Trudie on 03 February 2012 Reply
Can anyone tell me if there's an oil buying consortium in Kent, near Ashford? It's not just for price, it's for reliability. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a delivery and just been let down again. Now I have to go stay with a friend as the oil has run out. There are only 2 other suppliers using baby tankers and the earliest they can deliver is a month away.
by Anonimouse on 04 February 2012 Reply
try www.oil-club.co.uk

can anybody tell me if the terms are normal, not sure whether to sign up or not

by Fi on 02 February 2012 Reply
I cant find any clubs in Aberdeenshire? Can you help?
by ukoilman on 21 January 2012 Reply
@Jeremy Cole. Jeremy strongly advise you not to use BWOC as an acroynm as it is trademarked by BWOC Ltd a large bulk oil distribution company. They are at http://www.bwoc.co.uk. Don't want to see a good intentioned buying club falling foul of the law.
by Anonimouse on 28 January 2012 Reply
Does anybody know of a club in Kent? And why is it so hard to find them? Googling brings up nothing
by Johnny Denis on 10 February 2012 Reply
Hi Anon. Where are you in Kent? We may be able to help - happy to have Members in Kent as well as Sussex and Surrey look us up at www.thefuel.coop - we are owned by our members not the other way round.

by Barney Lodge on 08 February 2012 Reply

We can help you set up your buying group, entirely free. Just tell is the village/town and we'll build a web site for you that will manage the whole process effortlessly. We have 10 groups in UK and one already in Southern Ireland, and we're expanding rapidly

by trudie on 03 February 2012 Reply
Have you found an oil buying group in Kent yet? I'd be interested in joining one for the TN27 area near Ashford Kent.
by Graham on 14 November 2011 Reply
Hi. Anyone know of a buying club that covers Southam in Warwickshire. Thanks
by Sarah Taylor on 27 November 2012 Reply
Hi Graham. WRCC (a local long standing independent charity) recently launched an oil syndicate covering all of Warwickshire. Latest saving was ?48.20 per 1000 litres. Have a look at our website. Regards. Sarah
by Denis Hassett on 28 October 2011 Reply
English, living in Ireland, interested in starting an oil club here. Any advice any of you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
by Barney on 03 November 2011 Reply
Hi Denis, We can help you set up your buying group, entirely free. Just tell is the village/town and we'll build a web site for you that will manage the whole process effortlessly. We have 10 groups in UK and one already in Southern Ireland, and we're expanding rapidly.

Let me know if you are interested

by Denis Hassett on 04 November 2011 Reply
Hello Barney

We are living near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Do you have any other people from this area who are interested in forming a group?



by Barney Lodge on 04 November 2011 Reply
Hi Denis,

Not yet, but we can send you some flyers free of charge to start your own group. We'll build the web site (nenaghbuyers.com or even tipperarybuyers.com) and away you go. It's all free, and you can actually earn from it!!

Let me know if you are interested.


by Peter on 08 February 2012 Reply
Do you know anyone in lancashire doing oil schemes
by Barney Lodge on 08 February 2012 Reply
We can help you set up your buying group, entirely free. Just tell is the village/town and we'll build a web site for you that will manage the whole process effortlessly. We have 1300 members in 10 groups in UK ..and we're selling wood and about to sell coal
by Denis Hassett on 05 November 2011 Reply
Hello Barney

Yes please, we would be interested in any help you could give us. northtipperarybuyers.com would be better as Tipperary is a large county. Do we now get in touch with you directly?



by Barney Lodge on 06 November 2011 Reply
Brilliant. Can you mail me on mr.barneylodge@gmail.com
by Denis Hassett on 06 November 2011 Reply
Thanks Barney

Will do.



by David Smith (Newslogs) on 06 June 2011 Reply
We are a oil syndicate based in Somerset.Ordering oil monthly Membership is FREE with over 1000 members in over 100 villages and Hamlets we must be doing something right. new members always welcome in all areas of south west England and Wales Regards Dave
by rwilliams on 29 August 2012 Reply
hi dave trying to signup to your group please help unable to find site ray
by Roger on 04 December 2011 Reply
Could you send me details on how I can join your syndicate. I live near Combwich
by DAVE on 04 December 2011 Reply
If you would like to email me direct i will send you all the information you want i already have 30 members in combwich regards Dave
by Tony Dryden on 20 September 2011 Reply
Hi David,

Hope you don't mind this but I can help your Group spend less on their Utility Services as well.

Please view the above link then I need to explain in more detail by phone. Kind regards, Tony.

by lance on 17 August 2011 Reply
Hi dave, what is the current price for 2000/2500 litres kerosene 28 through your group?

How would one join?


by Dave Smith Newslogs on 17 August 2011 Reply
Hi Lance please contact me at newslogs@btinternet.com and i will send you a spread sheet explaining all about how we work
by Ian Hughes on 19 April 2011 Reply
Any oil-buying groups in Herefordshire/Ross-on-Wye area?
by Lawrence Colton on 26 March 2011 Reply
Has any one information about The Heating Oil Club?
by MRS BRADY on 24 March 2011 Reply
Are there any groups in the highlands of Scotland out there !!! Can anyone advise how to get started.
by John Whittaker on 27 March 2011 Reply
I live in Dornoch, Sutherland. I'm wondering how the groups work and whether there's a group close to me.
by bob on 08 March 2011 Reply
They only heating oil group i've used is lincolnheatingoil.co.uk, were very good but have since moved out of their area. trying to find one in kent now.
by A Wishart on 10 February 2011 Reply
We live in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, where is the nearest club to us?
by Chris Cole on 06 February 2011 Reply
findmyheatingoil.co.uk : Set up 3 years ago now established with over 300 members in Wiltshire, South Oxfordshire Somerset - 500,000 Ltrs per year with orders placed and delivered monthly.
by neil mason on 17 January 2011 Reply
I wish to bring to your attention a new website 'theheatingoilclub.co.uk/'It seems competetive and is free to join I can't find any complaints anywhere on the net. Has anyone had any dealings with this company?
by David Nicholas on 17 January 2011 Reply
Hello Neil. Not sure if you are aware we launched The heating oil club in Feb last year after having run our local village heating oil buying group for close to 30 years. Hope you continue to find "No Complaints" as we try to make the process as easy for members as possible. we will try to answer any questions.


David Nicholas

by Jeremy Cole on 10 January 2011 Reply
Please can you add my oil brokerage website to your list. independent, unlike others recently in the press. Not owned by an oil supplier. Aims to beat other quotes, or don't buy! Sets up village consortiums.

Barton Ward Oil Club (BWOC). 4 villages near Cambridge buy together. 360,000 l per year. Rebate to the village based on litres bought. Barton, Coton, Madingley and Granchster

by John Swindells on 11 January 2011 Reply
Hi Jeremy, what's the website for your oil club?

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