Latest Prices: 1000L of Oil

Boilerjuice gave us a nice surprise yesterday, with a quote of 39.5p/L (+VAT) for 1000L. We did a bit of shopping around for better prices, and today Goff Petroleum won out with 38.5p/L, putting the total at just over £400. Being a regular customer over the years, we can also post-pay by cheque, so nobody needs to be in.

Other quotes we had were:

  • 40pL from Watson Fuels (via "Delivery is usually 2-5 working days from date of order. Payment for a first delivery can either be by cash to the driver or by credit card at time of ordering."
  • 39.35p/L from CPL Petroleum (aka EMO Oil) also via FuelOilDirect. "Our delivery window is currently within three working days of receipt of the order."
  • 41.5p/L from HomeFuelsDirect (via WhichOilSupplier)
  • 40.35p/L from


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