How To Select Your Oil Supplier

Ask Yourself, "How do I choose a supplier of domestic heating oil?" We've been asking visitors to our website for years for their suggestions, and here is a summary.


Not surprisingly, most people choose on the basis of cheapest price. Finding that lowest cost supplier can be time-consuming though, and involves many phone calls. You should get at least three quotes over the phone for delivery in your area, most people seem to phone four or five companies -- you might end up phoning ten suppliers or more, to figure out what the lowest price is you can get away with paying. Of course, what works out as the "cheapest" may depend on your circumstances. Most suppliers charge extra unless you order at least 900 litres at once.

Buying Power

What if you want to buy less than 900 litres? It may well work out cheaper to look at the service organised by BoilerJuice: they try to find buyers in your locality who all need oil about the same time. On the back of more buying power from more potential clients, Boilerjuice negotiates a lower price for you. The idea is that because the oil-supplying company has to travel fewer miles to sell lots of oil, they can drop their price a bit saving everybody time and money.

Cash on Delivery?

Many companies want payment on delivery or even in advance; if these are awkward methods for you, you may have to settle for a more expensive supplier who will let you pay by other means, such as direct debit or invoicing. Convenience is also a factor; if a supplier insists that you be home to pay them upon delivery, you might prefer to deal with someone else who can deliver oil when you're out, or at times which are more convenient to you. Maybe you don't want to think about oil supplies -- your life is too busy to worry much about it. It might be easier to set up a contract for oil delivery on a regular basis, every month or every 6 months -- whatever you think you'll need. You can arrange for monthly payments on such contracts, which makes budgeting much easier.

Layalty and Trust

Another advantage of regular contract supplier is that your supplier will come to value your customer loyalty and want to preserve it. What if your tank is awkward to access, or you find impurities in the fuel? It can cost a LOT to repair damage done to your boiler by dodgy kerosene. There's much to be said for using an oil supplier that comes with a good reputation for service and is recommended by friends. Theft of oil -- especially from isolated homes in rural areas -- is another real risk, you want a company you trust to put oil in without spilling it in the garden -- or passing on the details of how easy it is to access your tank to any would-be oil thieves.


A sneaky way to get some consistency of service and yet still get the cheapest price is to find a regular supplier you like, and ask them to price-match for the lowest price you can find from other suppliers in the area at the time you need the tank filled. From what we can tell, many people are used to negotiating with their regular suppliers.

The Full List

  • Best Price
  • Cheapest Quote
  • Web
  • Phoned Around
  • Recommendation
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Locality
  • Phone
  • On Price
  • Previous Supplier
  • Phoning around
  • Boiler Juice
  • Local Company
  • Google
  • Lowest Price
  • Nearest Supplier
  • Goff
  • Used Before
  • Recommended
  • Regular
  • Ring Around
  • Recomendation
  • Nearest
  • Existing Supplier
  • Phone Book
  • Direct Debit
  • Always Used Them
  • Watson
  • Phone Around For Prices
  • Phone Around For Quotes
  • Contract
  • Internet Search
  • Previous Use
  • Current Supplier
  • Total
  • By Phone
  • Broker
  • Always Had Them
  • Price And Locality
  • Local Firms
  • Long Term Supplier
  • Price And Quality
  • Phone Around For Best Price
  • Dont Know
  • Cheapest Local Supplier
  • Price And Convenience
  • Previous
  • Local Distributor
  • Quotes
  • Cheapest Price In Area
  • Prices
  • Phoning Local Suppliers
  • Ring Round
  • Availability
  • Phone Quotes
  • Research
  • By Price Comparison
  • Previously Used
  • Phonebook
  • Use Same One
  • Compare Prices
  • Same Supplier
  • Phoned Round For Best Price
  • Phoning Around For Best Price
  • Usual
  • Usual One
  • Use The Same One Each Time
  • By Price On The Day
  • Cheapest I Can Find
  • Same Supplier For Years
  • Telephone Directory
  • Comparing Prices
  • Chose The Cheapest
  • Comparison Site
  • Online And Phone Quotations
  • By Phoning Around Local Firms
  • Phone Around, Select Cheapest
  • Used Same One 9 Years Goff Oil
  • By Price & Location
  • CPL Petroleum
  • Either Through Account With Team Flitwick Or
  • Cheapest Local One
  • Internet And Phone
  • By Previous Suppliers And Quotes
  • By Cheapest
  • Shop Around, Best Price
  • Club
  • Same As When We Moved In
  • Usually Stick To The Same Supplier As Have An Account And Have A Budget Payment Plan
  • Cheapest And Most Reliable
  • Have Used Same Supplier For Many Years
  • From The Label On The Fuel Tank
  • Price per litre and any extra costs, ie, credit card charge etc
  • On Direct Debit With Total So Don't Shop Around
  • By Price Quotes
  • Neighbourhood consortium
  • Silvey
  • Group Buying. They Group Deliveries To Your Area And Obtain Volumes Disount
  • Known Local
  • CPL
  • Look For Best Price
  • Phone For Prices
  • Phone Local Suppliers
  • Most Local
  • Get Quotes
  • Check online for cheapest
  • Online Comparison
  • Planned Payment Top Up
  • BoilJuice Comparison - Always Order From Goff Petroleum When They Agree To What I Want To Pay!
  • Same Supplier For The Past 25 Years
  • Local Telephone Directory
  • Phone Up And Get The Cheapest Quote
  • Regular Supplier - Best Price
  • Previously Used And Compared Prices
  • Convenience And Cost
  • Locally And Price
  • Always Use CPL
  • Yellow Pages Rang For Quotes
  • Recommendation For Agas
  • The Usual Supplier
  • Boiler
  • By Phoning Around Different Suppliers
  • Account
  • Called Around Local Suppliers
  • Budget Account
  • Village Co-op
  • If They Can Deliver Quickly
  • Via Boilerjuice
  • Just Started To Look For The Cheapest Online
  • Group Delivery Service
  • Watchman Monitor
  • Local Oil Buying Group
  • By Existing Monthly Payment Plan
  • Phone For Quotes
  • Local Company Offering Payment Plan
  • New House - Used No On Tank
  • By Phoning Around For Cheapest
  • Same Supplier Is Normally Cheapest And Can Pay Monthly
  • On Price Only
  • Online Price Comparison
  • Ringing Around For Prices
  • Telephone By Price Usually
  • Past Reliable Service
  • Web Quotes
  • Local Firm
  • One Used Before
  • Used Supplier Before
  • Closest
  • Locality , Price, Green Credentials
  • Price On The Day
  • Check On Prices
  • Repeat
  • Normal Supplier
  • Regularly used supplier
  • Telephoning suppliers
  • Web Searches, And Phone Around
  • By Telephoning
  • Local Supplier Brogans
  • I Used To Phone Around For Quotes Everytime I Filled Up, But I Then Became Aware Of A Sindicate In My Area That Bulk Orders And Gets A Substantial Discount On The Prices I Could Get Alone
  • The Nearest
  • Usual Supplier Asked To Price Match Lowest Available
  • Quote from 2 companies
  • Friend
  • By Price Of 1000litres
  • Prices compared each 2 years
  • On Cost
  • Group purchase
  • In Yellow Pages
  • Check My Usual Suuppliers Price Against Online Quotes and Then Ask For A Better Price
  • Phone, Get Quotes , Compare To Boiler Juice And Select Cheapest
  • From Landlord
  • Ringing Around Local Suppliers For Prices
  • Account Payment Plan
  • Western Fuel
  • Oil Co-operative
  • Syndicate
  • Heating Oil . Co. Uk
  • Telephone For 2-3 Quotes
  • Cheapest Of Quotes
  • By Getting Quotes From Various Suppliers
  • I Have An Account
  • Phoned Around For Cheapest
  • Best Price For 1000 Litres
  • Use The Same One
  • Local And Quick
  • Promise Of Quick Delivery
  • Hingley & Callow
  • Normally Phone Around Known Suppliers
  • Shopped Around 6 Different Companies And Took The Cheapest Price
  • Have Used Before
  • See Whose Cheapest
  • Gough Petroleum
  • Telephone Around
  • Search For The Cheapest Supplier On The Internet
  • Lowest Cost
  • Used The Same One For Years
  • Same One Every Time
  • By Calling Round For The Best Price
  • Price And Availability
  • By searching for the cheapest price
  • Find The Cheapest
  • Regular Supplier But Checked A Few Prices By Phone
  • Quality Of Oil
  • Use The Same One One
  • Online Search
  • By Calling Suppliers
  • Phoned For Quotes
  • Oil syndicate
  • Buy Local But They Dont Give A Good Service
  • They Were Recommended To Us By The Previous House Owner As They Are Reliable And Trust Worthy
  • Name On The Tank
  • Previous Owner Recommended
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Used Same Company For Years
  • Regular Order
  • Telephone Several Local Companies
  • Cheap and reliable
  • Price Check
  • Shop Around Or Same One I Usually Use
  • Use regular supplier
  • Neighbiour
  • Search Engine On Google
  • By Reasonable Price Regardless Of The Time Of Year
  • Compare Site Online
  • Cheapest On Line
  • Found The Cheapest Seller
  • By Reliable Delivery In A Rural Area
  • Previous Experience - Cheap And Quick Delivery
  • By Price Site
  • Local Quotes And Price Comparison Sites
  • BoilerJuice Does It For Me
  • Usual One Buy Phone
  • Price Then Service
  • Always Used The Same Supplier
  • Regular Contract
  • Price At The Time Of Ordering
  • By The Area And Prices
  • Ring For Prices
  • By Comparing My Normal Supplier With Another, Ringing For A Price
  • Ringing Round
  • Jwffuels Dumfries
  • Price And Payment Convenience
  • Telephone All Local Suppliers
  • Local Man
  • Highland Fuels, Inverness
  • I Am Looking Online
  • Ford Fuel Oils
  • Long Time Customer
  • Local Phone Calls
  • Prices Are So Up And Down But they Are Quick To Deliver
  • I have an issue of cheques dis-appearing
  • Avoid 2% Credit Card Charge
  • Search Internet
  • Called
  • Boilerjuice Website
  • Historic
  • By Taking The Cheapest Quote On The Day From A List Of 4 Suppliers.
  • Ring Round Oil Companies And Get Best Price
  • Cheapest Prices
  • Delivery Response
  • Best Price From One Of Three Local Suppliers
  • Cheapest Locally
  • Search The Net
  • Rang A Few
  • Internet, Shopped Around For Best Price
  • Phoned Round After Looking At Boiler Juice
  • Check 3 Suppliers in my Postcode
  • Phoned For Quotes, Went With Cheapest
  • Local Area
  • Seek 6 Quotes
  • Current Supplier Paid By Direct Debit
  • Local Price Comparison
  • Cheapest Price Per Litre (on Line Search And Phone Calls)
  • Local Cheapest
  • Online Search Engines
  • I Call Round Several Suppliers For The Best Price
  • High Street
  • Shop Around For Best Prices
  • Cheapest Price Of 3 Local Suppliers
  • Cheapest Nearest
  • Use Same One For 2 Years
  • Checking The Internet
  • Topup
  • Took Over When I Moved Into My House
  • Phone Some Local Companies For Comparison
  • Local Firm In Gloucs
  • Local Company That Will Bill Me
  • Standing Order
  • Asking For Different Quotes
  • Phone Call
  • Have Been Paying By Direct Debit. Now Checking Out Cheapest Provider
  • Best Service
  • By Phone Book
  • Friends Recommendation
  • Ask Freinds
  • Ring Around If I Havent Run Out To Find Best Price Otherwise Use One Of The 2 Companies Who I Know Will Deliver Quickly
  • Only One Supplier
  • The One That The Previous Owners Of The Property Used
  • Best price cheapest oil
  • Best Prices
  • Check Local Prices
  • Cheapest From Telephoning
  • Repeat Order Because He Knows How To Access My Oil Tank
  • Telephone Quote Comparison
  • Service
  • Cheapest Online
  • Phoning
  • Phoning Companys
  • Shop Around For Best Price
  • Lowest Cost By Calling Round
  • Web Site
  • Have Very Limited Availability Due To Remote Area
  • Look In Yellow Pages
  • Boiler Juice Website
  • BoilerJuice For Quote, Then Phone Suppliers Direct And Challenge Them To Better The Price
  • Always Used
  • Local Consortium Based On Yelvertoft Northamptonshire
  • Shopped Around And Went To A Reasonably Priced Local Supplier With A Good Delivery Date, But Less Than Two Months Later The Price Has Risen By 17pence Per Litre!
  • Used To Ring Around - Now Stick With One
  • By Cost
  • Direct Debit Southern Oils
  • Cheapest Local Quote
  • Phone Around For price
  • Recommended By Central Heating Contractor
  • I Have Been Using The Same Supplier For Years
  • Yellow Pqges
  • Agreement To Deliver When Tank Is Low
  • Price /group Perchace
  • Best Of Six Suppliers' Price Quotes
  • Phone For Cheapest Quote
  • Cheapest Of The 2 Or 3 Companies Whose Lorries I See In The Area
  • Internet Price Guides
  • Check Internet For Prices
  • Shop Around For Best Deal
  • Yellow Pages/previously Used
  • Internet Look For Cheapest
  • Bayford
  • Contract Supply
  • Local Directory
  • Had The Same Supplier For More Than 5 Years
  • Ring A Round For The Best Price
  • Yellow Pages Survey
  • Jwf Fuels
  • By Ringing Around Local Companies
  • As Used Before
  • Distance
  • By Cost And Service
  • Same
  • Phoning Around For Quotes
  • Phone Around Local Supliers
  • Price Or Recomendation Of Friends
  • Phoning Around For Prices
  • Long Term Customer
  • Part Of An Oil Group
  • Phone Ring Round And Haggle Costs
  • Direct Debit Payment Emo Oil
  • Rang Around For Best Price
  • Cheapest Per Litre
  • Quality Of Service
  • Phone Around 3 Local Suppliers For Best Price
  • The Cheapest Supplier On Line
  • Used The Usual Supplier
  • Compare Quotes
  • By Phoning Around And Quotes Online
  • Local Provider
  • Cheapest After Phoning Round For Prices
  • Phone For Cheapest
  • The nearest supplier
  • Refferal
  • By Cheapest Price In My Area
  • From Previous House Owner
  • Phone Round For Best Price
  • Oil Company
  • Already Known
  • Service And Price
  • Distance And Cost
  • Search Engine
  • C.P.S. Fuels
  • We Were Moving So Used Same As The People We Were Buying From. Now Lokking For Cheapest (can You Help)
  • Ring Around To Get The Best Price
  • Chose 3 Or 4 From Yellow Pages And Went With The Cheapest
  • Local And Offers Credit Account
  • Cheapest Price And Nearest Delivery Date
  • Have Used Supplier In The Past
  • Phoned For Price Direct
  • Cheapest Deal
  • Have Tried Various Suppliers But Found A Better Service From Goff
  • Always Used The Same One
  • Local Syndicate
  • Just Keep With Them
  • Existing Suppler
  • Same Supplier That Have Contract With
  • Whichever is Cheapest
  • Check Cheapest Price By Phone
  • Always Had Same One
  • By Quotation
  • Online Cheapest
  • Compared Prices
  • Time To Pay Bill
  • Use Only Supplier To Contact Me Since Moving To New Area
  • They E-mail To Say There Is A Group Saving
  • Ring Around Different Suppliers
  • Comparison Of Shortlist
  • Have Planned Delivery Agreement
  • Quality Of Oil (cheap Oil Bought Some Years Ago Resulted In Damage To Boiler) And Cost
  • Always Used Same One
  • Size Of Tanker
  • On Contract To Top Up But Far Too Expensive Now Only Deliver When Asked But Still Pay Monthly Direct Debit
  • Choose A Local Supplier From Yellow Pages
  • Top-up contract
  • Local Suppliers
  • We Have Always Been With The Same Local Supplier But They Are Now Part Of A Bigger Company And Much Less Helpful
  • By Locality
  • Pay Baxter Johnston By Direct Debit
  • Always Bought From Same Firm
  • Not Sure
  • Price And Delivery Times
  • Cheapest In Our Area
  • By Price And Availability
  • On Internet
  • Compare Prices By Telephone
  • Web Trawl
  • I Use The Same One Consistently
  • Have Always Used The Same One
  • Convenient Delivery Times
  • Have Stayed With Same Supplier For Years
  • By Ringing Round
  • Haven't Yet
  • From Local Suppliers Best Price
  • Telephoned Many Local Suppliers To Obtain Best Price
  • Local Buying Consortium
  • Shop Around For Prices
  • Phone For Quote
  • Nearest To My Area
  • Phone For Cheapest Supplier
  • Best Price In The Area
  • Good Service Before
  • Competative Quotes
  • Local Information
  • Phone Around For Lowest Quote
  • Compared 2 Local Suppliers
  • Cost Of Oil And Length Of Pipe
  • Account Holder With One Company
  • By Phone Selection
  • Used Company Before
  • Account Holder
  • Ring Round for best Price
  • Price And No Surcharges
  • Proximity And Time To Pay
  • Searching For Best Price
  • Phone Around For Cheapest
  • Quality & Service
  • Always Used The Same
  • Price Comparison
  • Ring Round For Prices
  • Phone 3 Local For Cheapest
  • Standing Arrangement
  • Convienence
  • Local Advert
  • Local Supplier Has Been Very Reliable In Past
  • Phoned Around Suppliers And Got Cheapest Quote For 1000 Litre
  • Normal One Johnston
  • Phone Around For Cheapest Quote
  • From The Details On The Tank
  • Shop Around For Cheapest Quote
  • Local Supplier To KY13 9HY
  • Via Quotes
  • Next Day Delivery Needed
  • Tradition
  • Via A Oil Quotation
  • Same One Each Time
  • By Quote
  • Friends Advice
  • By Checking 3 Suppliers' Prices
  • Local Paper
  • Online Price Checking
  • Go To Usual Supplier And Quote A Cheaper Price That They Then Match
  • Tank Access Is A Little Awkward So We Prefer To Use The Same Supplier If Possible
  • Check Prices
  • I Phone 10 Suppliers And Pick The Cheapest
  • Same Suppliers For past 10 years
  • Advert
  • By Phone Quotes
  • Used Usual Supplier
  • Local Group
  • Lowest Quote with Reasonable Service
  • Same One For 30 Years
  • Checking Local Prices (website) And Negotiating With My Usual Supplier
  • By Internet
  • Location
  • Regular Supplier Used For Several Years
  • We Have An Automatic Signalman System
  • Want Shell Oil
  • Ringing Local Suppliers
  • Local Papers In Essex
  • Same As Previous Supplier
  • Use Local Supplier
  • I Have A Credit Account With Them
  • Good Value
  • Telephoned Local Suppliers
  • Price Comparison Sites
  • Word Of Mouth And Matching This Supplier - Total Butler - With Others On The Internet
  • Usual Supplier Always Gives Best Price
  • Normal Supplier - Used For Years
  • From Previously Used Ones
  • Name Written On Oil Tank
  • By Price On The Web
  • Historically By A Direct Debit Arrangement
  • Regular Price
  • Inertia
  • Ring Two Different Local Firms With Short Wheel Base Lorries
  • Phoned Around For The Cheapest
  • Cheapest And That Can Deliver On Saturday
  • Call About 5 Suppliers For Cheapest Quote
  • Asking Around
  • Cheapest On Day
  • Use The Same 1
  • Adverts
  • Same Supplied For The Last 8 Years
  • By Prices
  • Cheapest Of 4/5
  • Top Up
  • Phone Round For Quotes
  • Ask For Quotes
  • By Comparing Prices
  • I Have A Top Up Supplier
  • Consortium Delivery
  • Kept With Existing Supplier
  • Best Price Out Of 3
  • Phone For Prices And Go With Cheapest
  • Phoning Around Companies
  • On Line Comparison Or Telephone
  • Used Before Tried Diffrent Cheap One
  • Local Cheapest For 2000 Litres
  • Tied To Service Contract
  • By Phone To Check Cheepest Price And Speed Of Delivery
  • Pay Monthly For Local Supplier
  • Just Same As Previous Owner, But Would Like To Research If It Is Reaaly The Best Price
  • Comparing Prices By Phone
  • Ring Around Or Look On The Net
  • Internet Quotes
  • Goff E. Anglia
  • Cheapest Supplier
  • On Contract
  • Phoned Previous Supplier
  • Use A Regular Supplier
  • Peart
  • I Don't
  • Telephone Suppliers
  • Looked On Internet For Good Price
  • Ask The Neaghbours
  • Useual Supplier
  • Same One
  • Use Same One Always
  • By Googling And Phoning For Quotes From Previous Suppliers
  • Same One Every Year
  • Ring Round Local Companies For Best Rate
  • Habit
  • Use The Same Supplier That Contacted Us When We Moved Into The Property
  • Through Village Syndicate
  • Call 3 Suppliers And Get Best Quote
  • Price & Delivery
  • Boiler Juice Or Direct From Supplier
  • Monthly Budget Account
  • Local Supplier Used By Letting Agent
  • Proximity To Home
  • Incumbant
  • Previous Owner Used Them
  • Online Cheapest Option
  • Best Pricing
  • I Joined A Local Syndicate
  • Compare Prices Locally
  • Very Limited Due To Remote Location.I Only Had 3 Suppliers That Would Deliver.You Ask For A Quote,then You Talk To Your Neighbours,see Who They Use,then Decide On The Best Overall Supplier.It Is Not Allway's About The Cheaper Price,but About The Best Serv
  • Best Quote While Ringin Round
  • Village Syndicate
  • Call Around For Cheapest
  • It Was The Cheapest At The Time
  • Use Same One Each Time
  • Usual - Boiler Juice
  • Use Brogan Fuels
  • Yellow Pages Prices
  • Monthly Plan
  • Local Agent - partly Price
  • Local One
  • Call Round For Cheapest Price
  • By Account
  • Conpare Sites Online
  • Phoning Round
  • By Ringing Around
  • Same Supplier Each Time
  • Checking The Best Prices
  • Used The Same Local Family-run Company I've Used For Years
  • Word Of Mouth Or Internet
  • Quotation
  • Boiler Juice On The Net
  • New Customer
  • Same One I Always Use
  • Repeat Order From Regular Supplier Who Has Proven To Be Very Competitive On Price And Excellent On Delivery And Quality Of Oil
  • By Ringing Round To Find The Best Price
  • Internet To Find Supplier And Then Telephone For Prices
  • Used Same One As Usual
  • Used Supplier Previous Person In House Used
  • Never Change
  • Price, Delivery Time
  • Phoned Round To Get Cheapest Price
  • New House, So Sticker On The Oil Tank
  • Cheapest Or Quickest Delivery Time
  • Recommendation From Friends
  • Ringing Round Local Suppliers For Best Price
  • Always Use Same Supplier
  • Advertising
  • Mostly Local Firm
  • Emo Oil
  • We Ring Around To Find The Cheapest
  • Rang Round
  • I Have Always Used This Firm
  • Based On Price
  • 3 Calls 1x 39.9pl 1x35.9pl And 1x34.9ppl For Kerosene
  • Pay Monthly
  • Tel Local Companies Went With The Company That Gave Me Best Price And Service - Rix Petroleum
  • Always The Same
  • Price And Service
  • Have An Account
  • Don't Always Use Same But Would Wish To Shop Around
  • Phone Directory
  • By Telephone And Cheapest Price
  • Have Recently Sacked Total Butler (had DD A/C)
  • Now Watch For Boiler Juice E-mails
  • Phone Around Every Time
  • Telephone Local Suppliers Asking Prices
  • Cheapest And Good Delivery
  • Check Prices Online First Then Shop Around By Fone With Local Suppliers
  • Up To Now Have Only Used Our Local Supplier; Now Looking Around To Get A Better Deal
  • Ringing Round For Best Price
  • Net
  • Always Use Same
  • Top Up Service
  • Telephone For Price
  • Must Have Small Tanker
  • Local Recomendation
  • Local Pages
  • Ringing Round Suppliers Localy
  • Budget Plan
  • Price And Delivery Day
  • Existing Contract
  • Price And Delivery Date
  • Nearest With Competative Price
  • Cheapest Oil
  • Local Retailer
  • Internet Price Check
  • Usually Use Same Supplier
  • Same Supplier Each Time As Good Service
  • Ask Locally
  • Always With The Same Supplier
  • 3 Prices
  • Location Nearest
  • By Price At The Time
  • Cheapest Rate
  • On Line Prices
  • Best Price On Internet Or Boiler Juice
  • Phone Round For The Cheapest
  • Gogle Search And Price Comparison
  • By Phoning Re Prices
  • Standing Instruction
  • By Cheapest Price
  • Use The Same All The Time
  • Used Same One For Years
  • Phoned Around For Best Price
  • Nearest To My House
  • I Would Also Like To Join In With Other Locals And Drop The Price That Way
  • I Would Consider Using Other Supliers But I'm A Little Worried About Cheaper Oil; Ive Experienced Poor Water Content In Cheaper Oil In The Past
  • Telephone About 6 Suppliers To Find Cheapest
  • Linton Oil
  • Phone Around For Best Price Off Local Suppliers
  • Online And Phone
  • News
  • Price
  • Cheapest
  • Local
  • Yellow Pages
  • By Price
  • On Line
  • Online
  • Cost
  • Cheapest Price
  • Usual Supplier
  • Local Supplier
  • BoilerJuice
  • Shop Around
  • Phone Around
  • Regular Supplier
  • Telephone
  • Locally


by Alan on 14 February 2012
Tried the websites on here and found them to be poor value. My normal supplier, G B Lubricants, who are Gateshead based quoted 59.9p for 1000 litres. quoted 67.15. Best course of action is just to ring around a number of suppliers. Have used F Peart in the past as well.
by Alan Quinn on 31 May 2011
Personally I have never trusted any of these so called comparison/buying sites. I use them for guide prices only and for the past 20 years I have always bought my oil from my small local independent supplier (Campbell Fuel Oils, Paisley). They always deliver next day (sometimes same day), send me an invoice, and give me 30 days to pay it. Their prices are always reasonable, but the service they provide would be well worth a penny or two extra. And in these environmentally conscious days the tanker has only driven 4 miles to make the delivery from the depot. They also have their own friendly local engineers on call in the event of any boiler problems.
by Julia L. on 24 May 2011
I would never buy from DCC they own too many companies. One office alone I know of in Norwich has 4 'different' companies under one roof - you call 4 different phone numbers for 4 different companies the same people answer the phone.
by bob on 08 March 2011
GB oils must be stopped in my opinion, any supplier being to big will hurt us all in the end. I use universal fuels ( Always come out about cheapest. Also check the comparison sites like boilerjuice (not now they are owned by GB oils) or

Would avoid golocate like the plage, so many horrible stories from customers.

by philippa hitchborn on 18 February 2011
I order 500 litres of heating oil in November and was told it would take 10-15 working days to be delivered when this did not happen I contact go locate fuel and was told problem with supplier and that my order was considered of lower priority and I could pay ?75 to make it high priority. I did not do this and was told I had to wait. I continued to contact them and nothing was being done, I was told the oil would not be here until the new year so when the new year came round I contact them again and was told it would take a further 6-8 weeks for delivery, I could not wait this long as I had no heating or hot water and my house was getting damp and mould was appearing, I needed the refund to buy oil from a real oil company. When I asked for a refund I was told that it would take 30 days so again had no choose but to wait, so when 20 days had passed I emailed Ben and asked him to confirm that I would have my money in the 10 days remaining, he ensured me that I would. 30 days passed and no refund so I emailed them again and no reply I contact them through the contact us link on the web page and no reply and I called the on the number on the website and it just ring and rings and I am now out of options. There are many people in this situation just type go locate fuel in to google and see the many complaints.
by John Swindells on 18 February 2011
That's an awful tale, Philippa, and you're certainly not the only one. If you haven't recovered your money then you should involve your bank, and they can sort it out using distance selling regulations.

I'll have more on this in a post coming soon!

by rippedoffexcustomer on 26 January 2011
Be aware that the Sunday Times (3 issues Jan 2011) reports that DCC Energy is under multiple investigation for fraud. Owners of many distribution firms including Scottish Fuels and Brogan Fuels.
by David Kirkby on 14 January 2011
"John" stated on 08 March 2010 that GB Oils have a monopoly and own many of the companies. It should be noted that GB oils are a division of a massive services conglomerate, the DCC group (based in Dublin, Ireland).

In Cornwall at least, there is an independent supplier (Consols Oils). Although unfortunately they will not deliver to my home in Essex.

As a test, I got a price on 14/1/2011 for 500 litres, Consols Oils quoted 58.88 p/litre, for a 2-4 working day delivery to the Cornish postcode TR15 1TA.

The Boilerjuice web site (owned by GB Oils/DCC) quoted slightly lower prices of 57.89 p/litre (2-day deliver) to 58.39 p/litre for a 5-day delivery to the same Cornish postcode.

So in Cornwall, where there is some competition, Boilerjuice were slightly cheaper.

Now when I put my real postcode in Essex to the Boilerjuice site, so the prices rises dramatically to 63.79 p/litre on a 5 day delivery to 66.43 p/litre on a 2 day delivery.

So where there no competition in Essex, the prices are around 5.5 p/litre more expensive from the same Boilerjuice site.

I'm sure Boilerjuice would give some reason why its much cheaper in Cornwall than to my home in Essex, but I suspect that its just there's no competition in Essex. Most of the companies in Essex are part of the same DCC group, and I don't know if any are independent.


by dave on 18 December 2010
Before buying oil from Go locate go to this page and scroll down to see the scam this company are running. I like many others got caught out as you will read. I have reported this company to trading standards and the office of fair trading as have many others,your oil will not arrive on the dates you are given.

When you ring like I did I was told that their supplier had let them down and that they would now have to go to another supplier and the cost would be another £25. I like all the others had no option but to pay as we were almost out of oil. My oil still did not arrive even after the extra £25 - no oil on the new date given.

If you wish to cancel you then find you have no money to buy from another supplier as it could take thirty days for them to put your money back into your account and yet only seconds to take it out.

My advice if you need oil use this site as they are all bonifida companies and good reliable names; some may be a little more expensive than others but your oil will arrive.

Remember: Go locate oil for no oil

by John Swindells on 18 December 2010
Please tell us which page shows the consumer problems you describe.
by David Nicholas on 18 October 2010
4000 of us in Leicestershire, Northants, & East Warks have been buying our heating oil together for some years now. see :- Yelvertoft Village Heating Oil Buying Group
by John Kelleher on 12 May 2010
Hi Rupert Holden you said that you got heating oil from This site used to be owned by Bayfords. Recently Bayford got taken over by GB Oils. That now means that as well as or are all owned by GB Oils. It also rumoured that negotiations are well under way for GB oils to take over Pearts in Hartlepool.
by John on 08 March 2010
I always ring around for a price. The worst ones and by far the most expensive to deal with are GB Oils. They have a monopoly now all over the country and squeezing out the competition.

They own:

Shell Direct, EMO oil, Scottish Fuels, CPL Petroleum, Carlton Fuels, O J Williams, Owens Fuels, Bayford Oil, Brogan Oil, Southern Counties Fuel Oil, Cooke Fuel Cards, Boiler Juice,Team Flitwick. These are only the ones that I know of. There are others also. So remember when you are buying fuel do you really want to get rid of all the competition? When I shopped around for oil today I was quoted over 6p per litre more from this organisation compared with my local supplier.

by Maria on 20 December 2010
We have just run out of oil and our regular supplier cannot deliver until mid January. We called around other suppliers and Watson Oil quoted us ?1.40 per litre plus ?80 surcharge to delivery on the 31st December. That is over double the current price!
by Chris Edwards on 24 February 2010
There is a new site that that offers price comparisons instantaneously like Boilerjuice but actually show you who the supplier is. We just bought our oil from a supplier on the site (we're in Belfast) and it was fairly simple to use with no requirement to pay online.

by Niki Milligan on 23 January 2011
Interesting - not the site, but that this company's website tells you it is not yet operating in Belfast (where I also am).

I wonder if you happen to have a vested interest in the company...

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by Rupert Holden on 08 October 2009
I live in Jarrow in the North East, my supplier is who quote pretty cheaply but I tend to phone around and then compare
by Linda O'sulilvan on 02 October 2009
I rang all my locals in the midlands and went with Rix Petroleum who gave me the best price and best service, their drivers are extremely helpful
by steve on 22 September 2009 is the best one in my opinion
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