Filling the Tank: Hedge Your Bets

It looks like things are only going to get more expensive in the future. The early-Summer drop in prices due to falling demand hasn't happened, or has been offset by generally increasing crude prices. However, it is possible that oil will drop off to some degree over the Summer.

To hedge our bets with this, we're getting 1000L now (half a tankful) since we're down to our last 500L or so. BoilerJuice is currently quoting a lowest price of 58.9p/L, and SCF (Southern Counties Fuel) is over 62p/L. We await a home heating oil quote by email from Shell (Emo Oil).

Update, 15 June
Having heard nothing from Shell/EMO (not surprisingly, given the strikes), I've proceeded with a BoilerJuice order. There were other 'Buying Weekend' orders from others in NR28, which took a little bit off:

Price at time of order:Final price:
Price: 60.59 p/litre Price: 59.84 p/litre
Subtotal: £605.90 Subtotal: £598.40
VAT rate: 5% VAT rate: 5%
VAT amount: £30.30 VAT amount: £29.92
Credit card surcharge: £0.00 Credit card surcharge: £0.00
Order total: £636.20 Order total: £628.32


by chris purkis on 10 June 2008
Will be interested in any info n how to check current prices for heating oil on a weekly basis. I've tried a couple of sites but they don't seem to be being updated. Have been seriously thinking of changing to electric boiler but everyone says that would be more expensive.

Usually I fill up one a year with about 1700 litres but I'm thinking of only ordering say 750 litres at a time as I'm not sure when any discount would kick in, plus with thefts etc. it seems more sensible. Any comments appreciated.

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