Domestic Oil Quotes

The time has come to fill our tank. Here are the quotes we got, for a 2000L fill:
  • Total Butler 35.19p/L
  • Goff 33.75p/L, dropped to 33.5p/L in response to CPL's offer
  • CPS 34.95p/L
  • CPL 33.95p/L, dropped to 33.5p/L in response to Goff's offer
  • EMO 35.2p/L
  • Boilerjuice 34.14p/L
Despite the possibility of a lower group-discount price from Boilerjuice after the weekend, we decided to plump for Norwich-based supplier Goff Petroleum, at a total inclusive price of £703.50 for 2000L.

These prices seem realistic given the political instabilities around the globe, and supply is barely able to keep up with demand.

Now that the strain of buying oil is over, it's time to get back to planning for some Sustainable Living!


by jon clifton on 27 April 2011
this web site is very confusing as it is not updated regularly
by will on 17 March 2011
58. a liter
on 02 December 2008
Get your website up to date! 2006 prices are irrelevant.
by John Swindells on 02 September 2010
For my 2010 quotes, please see Latest Prices: 1000L of Oil
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