Another BoilerJuice Weekend

This is the email from Boilerjuice:
The next BoilerJuice Buying Weekend starts at midday this Friday, 5 May. If you need heating oil, don't miss out this weekend! Receiving this email means your postcode is now covered by BoilerJuice.
Our postcode is NR28 (North Norfolk), so if you are running low on oil follow BoilerJuice's instructions:
  • Wait until Noon on Friday 5 May, then PLACE YOUR ORDER
  • When you place your order you are given a price. Then, over the weekend, if other people in your postcode area (the first half of your postcode) place an order, the orders added together will increase the volume and could decrease the price for you all (a minimum group order is 2400 litres).
  • Here's BoilerJuice's promise:
    Don't worry - we give you the option not to continue with your order if nobody else in your area orders, or you can choose to carry on with your order anyway.
So it's straightforward and risk-free. Sign up and you might get a really good price! The low-volume price at the moment is around 32p/L, by the way, so it's not cheap but not sky-high either.


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