BoilerJuice Discounting

BoilerJuice is a service that attempts to cluster individuals' orders together to create a small number of large orders. Here is their explanation:

When you place your order you are given a price. Then, over the weekend, if other people in your postcode area (the first half of your postcode) place an order, the orders added together will increase the volume and could decrease the price for you all (a minimum group order is 2400 litres). Don't worry - we give you the option not to continue with your order if nobody else in your area orders, or you can choose to carry on with your order anyway.
Who delivers my oil and when?
You will receive an acknowledgement email when you place your order and then on Monday morning you will receive a confirmation with order number and final price. This confirmation will have all the supplier details on it. The supplier will not contact you, but will deliver the oil direct to you within the timescale stated on your order confirmation. If you have any queries you will find the supplier's telephone number on the order confirmation.

Update, October 2011 As with all price comparison and bulk buying services, you need to be aware of how impartial Boilerjuice really is. Until recently it was owned by a major oil distributor that operates in the domestic market using around forty different brands, leaving little scope for impartiality there. Now that Boilerjuice is becoming independent once again, will we see a variety in what it has to offer? Maybe, maybe not.


by Darren on 07 January 2011
I use Boilerjucice and find it is always cheaper than my local providers I think the above comment was placed by a local provider
by John Swindells on 07 January 2011
There's a sensible middle ground: get a boilerjuice price, and also phone around for the best quote. When comparing, watch out for guaranteed delivery dates and credit card surcharges!
by Phone around for the lowest heating oil quote on 04 September 2008

Always phone around your local heating oil providers for the lowest quote.

The prices quoted by the 'Boiler Juice website' often appear to be between SEVERAL PENCE HIGHER than can be obtained by just phoning a local heating oil supplier directly.

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