Our Native Hedgerow

We inherited a prosperous laurel hedge on our front border, and decided that its tremendous growth and unattractiveness to wildlife were good enough reasons to remove it. In January 2009, in its place we planted a variety of native hedgerow plants, as detailed on the page Our native hedge is planted and typically 50 - 70cm tall.

Two years on, how is the hedge doing? Well, not terribly well, to be honest. We have neglected it by not feeding it, being slow to remove weeds, and not watering as much as we could during dry spells. (The hedge is on a raised bank, so the last point is rather serious.) Most of the plants are struggling to get above three feet tall (although we have clipped some down to the 4-foot-high protective fencing). There is also very little horizontal growth or inter-meshing, despite our topping the plants prior to sprint growth.

We need to be patient, and more caring for the poor plants, and we may buy a few plants for in-fill where dead plants have left gaps.


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