Our New Hedge Is Planted

Here is the list of bare root hedging that we've just bought from Felthorpe Nurseries:
  • 5x Hornbeam @£0.65 each
  • 10x Hazel @£0.35 each
  • 5x Beech @£0.65 each
  • 5x W-Cherry @£1.00 each
  • 5x Rowan @£1.00 each
  • 5x Birch @£1.00 each
  • 5x Crabapple @£1.00 each
  • 10x Dogwood @£1.00 each
  • 10x Maple @£0.75 each
  • 10x Guelder @£0.35 each
  • 10x Spindle @£0.35 each
  • 5x Dogrose @£0.50 each
85 plants in total, totalling £57.00.

We were advised that the imminent blizzards would not be a problem, as long as the roots weren't actually planted into frozen ground or snowy soil. This wasn't the case, so we planted all of these in around an hour and a half. On the Sunday we had a couple of inches of settling snow (pictured), so let's hope that the roots are safe.


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