Climate Change Capital: Wealth Worth Having

Climate Change Capital is an investment management company that aims to "channel significant amounts of capital into the solutions to climate change while shaping the investment and policy environments to the public good".

Specialising on the opportunities presented by the global transition to a low-carbon economy, CCC handles both investment and advice. Its investments are in the asset classes of Carbon Finance, Private Equity, Property and Energy Infrastructure.

It manages the Clean Tech Private Equity Fund (valued at €200 million). Investors include the Universities Superannuation Scheme. The management team has a background largely in venture capital and finance (usually with a clean energy remit), although Alex Betts was previously Head of Royal Dutch Shell’s corporate venture capital unit.

For more information, visit the CCC Company Overview.

I have asked the company for more information about their private equity fund, with this request:

I should like to know if, as a small investor, I should be able to invest in your private equity fund.

If so, would you please let me know how, and would you also provide me with fund performance data.

12 January 2010 Update: Daniel Cremin of Climate Change Capital responded:
The cleantech fund is a five year closed-ended private equity structure fund which closed its doors to new investment in September 2007.

The majority of Climate Change Capital’s funds are for institutional investors or high net worth clients wishing to invest £1m+.

CCC does however manage three Venture Capital Trusts collective called the Ventus Funds which are aimed at private/retail investors. The Ventus Funds finance small/medium onshore renewable energy projects in the UK. Individuals can invest between £3k – £200k. As VCTs, the Ventus funds offer a 30% up-front tax relief on new offers and aim to deliver an average annual tax-free dividend of 6-10p per share.

The funds are currently closed but are looking to do a new round of investment in the next month or so. If these are of interest to you I can post/email you a prospectus as and when they become available.


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