Our Windsave Wind Turbine is No More

After four years being mounted on the end of our house, the Windsave 1kW wind turbine has finally been taken down. It was dismantled by crew that installed our solar PV system, and we took that opportunity to have it removed because of its poor performance.

The wind turbine initially performed quite well, but always had a tendency to cut out even when the wind appeared to be quite steady. It was out of action for almost a year after its bottom mount point failed, and after that its performance was really poor. We couldn't get any conclusive information on this, so the best course of action for us was to cut our losses and get a little bit of money for the bits.

We have come to realise that the most sensible place for wind energy is in onshore multi-megawatt projects that support the local community, such as Unity Wind Ltd. I am a director of this mutual society, and have strong belief that this defines the way for wind to be effectively harnessed and to benefit local people too. I would really encourage you to invest in a project such as Unity Wind.


by martin on 18 October 2014
i would love to get hold of one of theese generators or the tech specs can anyone help
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