Ethical Cash ISAs

Our investment decisions shouldn't just be restricted to stocks, shares and funds; our cash savings should be influenced by our investment ideals. With big financial institutions coming under the spotlight for irresponsible money management, ethical banks and credit unions are looking more favourable.

To make your cash work for good causes, you have several options:

  • Co-operative Bank is a high street brand with a strong ethical stance. It also owns the Britannia, so both of these are worth looking at. View
  • Charity Bank lends solely to charities, social enterprises and community organisation. Its ethical cash ISA has a decent interest rate, although a long notice period for withdrawals may put people off. View
  • Ecology Building Society has the Foundation Cash ISA, and it uses the money to lend to properties/projects that "respect the environment". View
  • Triodos is an international bank, lending only to organisations that "benefit people and the environment". Long withdrawal notice periods on its cash ISAs may be off-putting. View

As with other investments, you need to consider how quickly you might want to get hold of your money in an emergency. Like all other tax-free savings vehicles, ISAs are designed to just accumulate and not withdrawn from, so you should not usually pay money in that you think you might need later on. As with all investing options, you may want to take independent financial advice before opting for any sort of new investment.


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