Is there such a thing as a Free Credit Score?

If you want to find out your credit score, you generally have to pay for it. Information about you, held by companies such as Experian, is used to determine whether you are a risky person to lend money to. It's clearly in your interests to know what these companies have to say about you, and they are happy to charge you for the privilege. They claim to give you all the tools you need to access and monitor your financial/credit information.

So, what about, powered by Adaptive Affinity Limited? You are invited to "join now and get direct access to your free credit report and score". Their information (credit report and credit information services) is provided by Callcredit Ltd, and is free for the duration of your 10-day trial membership. There are two pages of information to fill out, including a checkbox to untick labelled "Send me special offers from Quick Credit Score and partners." You may get random errors on page 1: they may expect a zipcode (max length 5 characters) in the post-code field, and there's a random email address error: "Invalid characters in city". Just submit the same info again and you should be ok. For page 2 you need to provide telephone and credit card details, and you get the comforting message:

After successfully submitting your form, you can start taking advantages of your 10-day trial membership FREE of charge.

You can check your CallCredit credit report as often as you like without negatively affecting your credit score.

If you cancel your membership before the ten days are up (by emailing, calling or in writing) then no fees are payable. However, if you don't cancel, then you start paying a monthly membership charge of £29.95 - and continue to pay this until you say otherwise.

Bear in mind that Experian charges under £10 per month for what I reckon to be the same service, only there isn't a free trial with them. If you can possibly remember to cancel your quickcreditscore trial membership then it's worth it; otherwise, don't even bother.


by Faxless payday loans on 10 May 2011
Since many decades, the credit score has developed to become an important tool for lenders to utilize in influencing an applicant's skill to pay their financial promises.

by MyCashToday on 10 May 2011
It is adverse, however this is a kind of service that I heard about from former clients of Legal Helpers all of the time. I believe this is a nice idea for educating the public on the deception and violence by these companies.

by life settlement fund fsa on 13 July 2011
Tried this with report. It is good and is very much different one from the other reports which shows the exact credit scores. It is for money but it is worthy in many means.
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