Whether to wear a helmet

Trailer manufacturers will tell you that your child must wear a helmet in the trailer. Helmet wearing is considered so important that some of the trailers come with optional helmet cushions, helmet recesses, etc. So that's the official advice.
We don't use helmets in the trailer; 2 children riding in a trailer, esp. 2 children of different ages, will bump heads frequently & with helmets on you're talking a lot more crowding & complaining about one child's helmet ending up in other child's face. I failed to see how to prevent these problems except by just not using helmets in the trailer in the first place. It's devilish difficult to get a helmet to fit a baby or small child perfectly, too. See the top of this discussion on rec.bicycles.misc about the practicalities of trying to use a helment in a trailer

One thing that cheered me no end was seeing on the Burley website that few of the Burley users themselves had helmets on their kids in the trailers, either.


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