CTC Review of the Chariot Cougar 2

CTC members Ali and Darrell High sent in a review of the Chariot Cougar 2 to the CTC's Cycle magazine, and were very positive about it:
Our Chariot has done 2,000 miles over the last three years, in conditions from -2 degrees to over 30. It shows minumal waer. Construction is excellent with quality materials throughout. Connection to the bike is via a ball and socket joint on the axle quick release, giving little effect on bike handling. Price is high but resale values are too.

This model has suspension, which is simple yet still helpful. There's enough space behind the seat(s) for tools, lunch, and essentials for the baby. A sun cover, rain cover and fly screen allo rides in all weathers. This model can take two children at a squeeze, one in comfort. It can be converted into a 'jogger' style pushchair with an optional front wheel. Our daughter enjoys rides in it; she's comfortable, can sleep and has a choice of toys and books inside. Recommended.

Amba Marketing is listed as a distributor, and here is the link to the Cougar 2, priced at £715 (August 2010).


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