Bottom bracket difficulties

The bottom bracket on my Giant SCR 1.0 road bike is worn out, with lots of play on the drive side. My LBS had some difficulty locating the correct bottom bracket replacement, but this is it: Truvativ GXP BB English Thread retailing around £25.

To replace this bottom bracket you need a special tool, for example the Park Tools Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket Tool from Wiggle. It's known as the BBT-19. To get the correct tightness, it's best to use a torque wrench, eg, this 3/8" torque wrench from Screwfix. Alternatively, get a BB & tool bundle from Halfords. The only question mark is whether the cheaper tools are worth it; you need the correct amount of torque, and the tool needs to be tough enough to grip the BB cups without marking them.

Videos: How to overhaul truvativ GXP

Note that the drive-side of the bottom bracket (ie, the one with the chainset on) is REVERSE-THREADED! Remove it by turning clockwise, and tighten it up by turning anti-clockwise. The non-drive-side is threaded normally.

Also in the video, the man doesn't use a torque wrench and instead just tightens with a wrench until it's "firm". I've been caught out with this technique in the past (eg, with the rear gear cassette, which needs quite a hard wrench to stop it loosening over time) so would think that a torque wrench is recommended.

How to Overhaul Truvativ GXP

From the manufacturers

Truvativ GXP BB | SRAM
  • Gutter Seal Technology
  • Improved tool engagement
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • English or Italian threads


Ceramic - Ceramic bearings. Red Ano finish

Team - Custom steel bearings. Tungsten finish

XR - Custom steel bearings. Black finish


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