Dave Lloyd fixed-wheel bike

This track bike is manufactured from 753 tubing, and has a 52cm top tube.

Feature List

  • Lightweight 753 tubing
  • 32-spoke cross-laced tubular rear wheel (700c) with Miche / Privato hub
  • 28-spoke radial-laced tubular front wheel (650c) with Ofmega hub
  • Flite saddle
  • TransX tri-bars
  • Campagnolo chainset

Still to be checked: weight; which tubs are fitted; gearing.


by Chris sanders on 30 March 2015
I think this was my bike in the early 90s . I sold it in maybe 1994 , I used a campag disc wheel in it with 53x16 . If they are the original bars they are Cinelli road bars cut down , nice to see it again
by John Swindells on 30 March 2015
Cinelli bars, that's right. Very nice ride. I sold it a little while ago, as I wasn't comfortable with the single gearing any more!
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