Bike It! Scheme

Promoted by Sustrans, Bike It! is a nationwide scheme which aims to increase the number of young people cycling to school and on other journeys. It's still only at the pilot phase, operating at 40 schools around Derby, Manchester, Bristol and (of course!) York. It is funded by the Bicycle Industry (via Bike Hub), backed by the National Cycling Strategy Board and has the support of the Department for Transport.

BikeBiz has a news article on the scheme. The chosen schools get accredited on- and off-road cycle training, plus advice on secure cycle storage, cycle paths and traffic calming measures. Apparently, cycling levels at the 40 Bike It! supported schools have quadrupled in the year or so that it's been running, rising from an average of two percent of pupils cycling to school to eight percent.

[1] Apparently Halfords is notable by its absense from the Bike Hub scheme, but one is quite certain that it benefits from the cause.


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