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What school wouldn't be equipped with a bike shelter nowadays? Well, our son's Primary School was lacking, so we took it upon ourselves to find out what was on offer.

After a bit of research, here's what we posted on uk.rec.cycling:

Where to buy a good bike shelter for my son's primary school?

Subject line almost says it all... Head says she is going to apply for funding to get a bicycle rack (will be an improvement on the chain link fence we currently lock my son's bike, to). I want to persuade her to try to get something with a roof on it (open-sided, probably).
Who makes bike shelters? These people don't do pictures:
This has the type of racks I hate, too small, anyway:
& this one, too expensive:
Is there something inbetween... Head says she is going to apply to DoT for funding, at least, but still I think 2k will be well beyond the budget.

We have recently heard from Armer Quality Components Ltd. They say: "We manufacture our own range of covered cycle shelters at very competitive prices. We also offer our own team of CHAS registered fitters for installation work." Visit their website, where you can find their street furniture page with a couple of cycle shelter options.

In reply, Martin Gerritsen posted a Dutch site ( which makes all sorts of outdoor furniture. Unfortunately its extensive range of funky cycle parking systems doesn't include roofing, and the shelters it does stock in another section don't appear to be compatible.

Dave Holladay at the CTC is apparently an engineer specialising in bike infrastructure, so might be worth contacting.

Sustrans has some invaluable advice on putting together a School Travel Plan, which a school should do to identify and solve problems associated with the school journey. As an online example, Devon County Council has put together the Devon Young Transnet which features advice and surveys, plus lesson plans.

Key Industrial has a decent offering: A nicely curved shelter with standard Sheffield cycle stands. It's designed to be bolted to a concrete base, and costs £1371 for a 6-cycle version. If you want an end panel, they cost £156 each. has a range of bike fixings, such as Sheffield stands for around £70. It also has a page of bike shelters and accessories, but no pictures I'm afraid.


by vic on 07 February 2005
I have been asked to get a cost on a 5m Falco bike shelter powder coated RAL5003 with acrylate canopy and Shefield uprights. Can you help?
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