Lezyne Macro LED light

At first glance you wonder whether the light will stay in place on the handlebar. It's only a rubber strap after all, and doesn't seem flexible enough to wrap around many different bar diameters. However, it seems that they got it just right. You have to slide the light out of the mounting bracket, place it on to if the bar, hook the elastic strap to one end of the mount, then ease the strap under the handlebar and roll it into the other side of the mount. Slide the light back on, and there's no way the strap will come off.

You probably wouldn't want to use this light for rough riding, as it is sure to shift around on big bumps, but for regular road commuting it is just right.

Take it with you though - its quick to remove, so a thief won't even have to stop walking!

Charging is extremely convenient, as long as you have access to a USB point. The light comes with a USB charging lead, but no charger, so you must consider whether this arrangement suits you!

You should be able to pick up the 2012 model (300 lumens) for around £50. This makes it by no means a cheap light, but in my experience with bike lights you get what you pay for. Get a solid-built light like this and you shouldn't be stuck in the dark.


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