Electron Terra 2 Front Light System

The Electron Terra 2 Front Light System (code EHP410) consists of two lights (wide-beam and spot), a Li-Ion (lithium ion) battery, a velcro strap for attaching the battery pack to the bike frame or handlebars, and a battery charger.

The battery charger and lights plug into the same socket on the battery pack, so it's simple to handle the charge/use switchover. I've strapped the battery pack, using the velcro strap, to the handlebar stem, so there are no cables dangling over the frame.

The pack took barely an hour to charge (from out-of-the-box levels) and the light quality seems great. There are three light levels for each light: full-power, low-power and flashing. I think it's silly that there's a flashing option for a front light system, but never mind, The single button on each light is a simple way to toggle through these lighting modes.

Here is what CTC staff have to say about this lighting system:

You can easily pay twice as much for lighting like this, but there's nothing shoddy about the Electron system. Finned alloy housings keep the LEDs cool, lateral lenses provide side conspicuity, switches are positive and the battery connection - often a weakness in cheap lights - is secure.

Te battery can easily be strapped to the stem or any convenient part of the frame up to 1.5m away from the handlebar.

Sure there are brighter lights, but I don't think many people should need them. The spot alone seemed perfectly adequate for road use, should last all night if switched to low part of the time.

Possible to repair

The only weakness I've experience with these lights - during two years of regular commuting - is with the power cable running from the battery unit to the lights. The symptom is that the lights flicker and cut out, as the frayed cable loses its electrical connection. There's no exterior sign of damage, but I managed to effect a repair as follows:

  1. Peel back the rubber cover at the end that the cable enters the battery pack
  2. Saw (using a fine-tooth blade) a millimetre or so all around the groove at the end of the battery pack, until it is possible to pull the cover off
  3. Having removed the cover, a small piece of circuit board is visible, held loosely in place by a couple of plastic pins. You should be able to prise the board off the pins, so that you can see the solder joints for the two wires that head off to the lights.
  4. Work out whereabouts the fault is in the cable by wiggling it in various places and seeing where it seems to have greatest effect on the loss of power to the lights. In my case the break was just about where the cable enters the battery pack, so I cut the cable there and stripped the insulation off until I found a decent strand of copper in each cable. Only a few mm of copper needs to be visible.
  5. De-solder the old bits of cable from the circuit board, and solder on the 'clean' copper wires. You should also put a fresh knot in the cable, as you found it.
  6. Check that the lights now work without any flicker or loss of power. Push the cap back onto the battery pack, and glue it lightly in place.

Don't attempt any of this unless you're competent at basic hardware and soldering techniques. Proceed at your own risk!


by Brian mcdonald on 03 November 2019
Does anyone know charging spec for electron terra 3 light as I have lost my charger thanks
by Neil B on 03 November 2016
Experienced exactly the same issue, Maisonette the suppliers no help, no available spare batteries, terrible customer service, will try this fix later, many thanks.
by Mark Palmer on 28 October 2016
I need a charger for terra 2 lights. Electron still sell the lights and battery but don't sell the charger anymore. I've called and asked, but they couldn't help. They were v rude about it too. I have rigged up another unit but I'd like the correct one. Thanks. Mark
by John Swindells on 19 January 2012
1200 lumens is very bright, especially compared to the 240 lumens of the Terra 2's. I guess that you have to be careful that they're not dazzling oncoming traffic!

For the record, my Terra 2 lights are still running very well after a bit over a year's continuous commuting use, and the battery pack seems to hold its charge well too.

by Steve on 19 January 2012
For cheap and powerful LED lights take a look at


Several people in our club have the 1200 lumen (T6) version and they are amazing value at around ?28. Brighter than my Hope 2.

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