RSP Asteri 3

This is a mid-range LED light aimed at commuters who use unlit roads. You should be able to pick one up for around £50 so it isn't cheap, but the lithium-ion battery, 2.5 hour fast charger and waterproof aluminium case make it a decent bit of kit. It's also only 150 grams.

The light will run for up to 7 hours on high output, but it automatically drops to low-power mode for a couple more hours riding so that you aren't left in the dark.

The light pattern is quite narrow, so you won't get much visibility beyond the road directly in front of you.

Dan Joyce of the CTC gave the light a review in the club's Oct-Nov 2010 Cycle magazine, with a note that more details are available from Unfortunately that website has no mention of the light or even Asteri. However, Merlin Cycles has it listed for £47: RSP Asteri 3 watt rechargeable front light, as do AshCycles: RSP Asteri 3 front light [LAA910].


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