BUSA Champs Cambridge '10 (F2/10)

M. Hutchinson (Cambridge C.C.) 20:41
(Ladies) Miss Brenda Allen (Oxford C.C.) 25:40
(Team) Loughborough C.C. 1.03:31
    Andy Tyler		21:46		(11)
    Dave Cooper		24:07		(77)
    John Swindells		24:10		(88)
    Dave Bailey		25:06		(98)
    Jo Tuck			27:37		(130)
    Naamah Zitomersky	33:29		(140)
A brisk volatile cross-wind in otherwise idyllic conditions made this a testing course for the mere mortal riders. Andy however put in a good time, but was disappointed not to feature in the top 10 (he came 11th).

This was a debute '10 for Naamah; Jo couldn't quite manage a personal best (see below). As for Dave B., by his own admissions he's as fast as a sloth on crutches, but promises better times in the (distant?) future.

Dave C pulled off a great time to beat John by a matter of seconds. So close but yet so far...
Both riders set new PBs.

Overall, then, the UEA-CC came 9th in a field of about 20 teams. Methinks Andy wishes he had some better riders...

Dave Bailey, UEA CC

Dave Bailey, UEA CC


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