BUSA '25 (Oxford C.C.) H25/13F

Roger Hammond (Brunel Uni. C.C.) 51:52
Ladies Brenda Allen (Oxford Uni. C.C.) 1.04:
Team Loughborough Students' C.C. 2.46
    John Swindells		1.00:17		(49)
    Dave Cooper		1.01:21		(60)
    Jo Tuck			1.10:53		(97)
Great results all round! Jo and John both swiped minutes off their PBs, and Dave gave himself a rather hard-to-beat novice time.

The course, although pretty smooth, did have a few uncomfortable gradients in it. A slight headwind breeze on the return leg got few complaints from the riders.

Quotable quotes:
"FanTASTIC!" --Jo
"Bugger" --John


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