Norwich Winter Regional Event

Just a couple of photos of our 7-year-old Dan taking part at the fantastic Norwich track. We'd have had far more if it wasn't for bad planning and flat batteries...

Wandering around I noticed that the GT bike (GT Power Series) is exceptionally popular amongst the younger riders. Most likely because it is extremely light and under £200. The component quality isn't fantastic, but it's a very good race BMX for novices. Redline bikes were also numerous at the event.

More comments at the BMXTalk forum.

Big thanks to Tim, Adie, Alan, Martin and all the rest of the Flyers for putting on such a smoothly run event, and on such a nice November day too!

The Groove Racing Shop was there too, and are one of the few places to stock narrow (20x11/8") 20" tyres and tubes. Five quid for a tube and between 10 and sixteen for a tyre, but at least we can get them somewhere. Don't appear to have inner tubes on their site though!


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