The noise an Elitebook can make

The HP Elitebook is usually extremely quiet, and even when working hard you will barely hear the fan or hard disk.

However, ever since my laptop came back from the HP repair shop in Poland, it has been making the strangest clicking and beeping noises. The two videos below hopefully give an impression of the noise it makes. It's not 'noisy' but has become so frequent that it is irritating and does point at some sort of fault. The last thing I want is to have the laptop sent all the way across Europe again, probably coming back with another fault, so I think I'll need to insist on some sort of on-site service. HP first need to determine the fault, as both a hard disk surface scan and a memory scan come out clean.


by andrei toma on 24 September 2011
hi, any news about this issue? my laptop has the same problem (not with the "beep" sound but with the clicks) Thanks
by Melanie on 07 April 2011
Did you ever find out what this was? Mine makes the same noise!!!
by John Swindells on 07 April 2011
Does it really? I ended up getting nowhere with HP, because I refused to send the machine back to their service center (since it only made these noises after returning from one). They wanted me to test it with a 'known good' hard drive, which I don't have.

I'm sure that it's the hard drive, but they don't want to help me fix it. I'm tempted to just go and buy a replacement drive - maybe even an SSD - but the problem isn't frequent enough (yet) and doesn't appear to be causing system integrity issues.

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