SOLVED: Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner - a Validity Sensor VFS451 - was not available as a login method on the initial computer configuration. It was during an attempt to install the Verisoft fingerprint software that I realised that the OS was 32-bit, which then prompted a full reinstallation.

To start with, I had been unable to get the finger print reader working on my 64-bit version of Windows 7, despite numerous forum searches, downloads from the HP website and driver/software installation (Validity Sensor driver, plus either Verisoft Access Manager or Digital Persona).

I then took the drastic step of asking for assistance, using HP's Active Chat facility. Here are key excerpts from my chat session with Vijay:

Vijay: To isolate the issue please download and install the Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver using below weblink and check the issue. [ Link]

Me: [After having downloaded & installed the driver, and rebooted] Driver is now digitalpersona still can't detect a sensor

Vijay: Please download and install the HP ProtectTools Security Manager using below weblink and try to configured your finger on the Notebook and check the issue. [version 7 -] [version 5 -]

Vijay: Please install the HP ProtectTools Security Manager and try to configure the finger on the Notebook using the below steps and check the issue.

  1. In HP ProtectTools Security Manager, click Credential Manager in the left pane.
  2. Click My Identity, and then click Register Fingerprints.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete registering your fingerprints and setting up the fingerprint reader.
  4. To set up the fingerprint reader for a different Windows user, log on to Windows as that user and then repeat the steps listed above.

Me: [After uninstaling digitalpersona, rebooting, installing HP ProtectTools and rebooting again] Hi there, that was really easy in the end. Thanks for helping me out!!

Vijay: You are most welcome.

So in summary, you need to:

  1. remove any other fingerprint manager software first (eg, Verisoft / Digital Persona) (reboot required)
  2. update your sensor driver to the latest version (reboot required)
  3. install HP ProtectTools (reboot required)

After all this, and all those reboots, you will/should have a working fingerprint reader which you can use to login to Windows or anywhere where a password is required. Good luck!

Update, 23 October 2013: I've posted an update about compatibility on Windows 8.


by iConArt on 21 April 2019
how do i use fingerprint in hp elitebook 8740w
by Ayaan Mehar on 02 January 2019
sir i have HP EliteBook 2760p ..its finger sensor driver is not work .can you suggest me ???
by FrostyWinnipeg on 31 October 2018
In my case the Validity software was not the right one. It was the Synaptics software that worked. It dropped an icon on the desktop and the software did the rest. Did not have to install any HP ProtectTools Manager or Simplepass software.
by Muhammad Imran on 10 March 2018
Thanx my problem has been solved
on 30 September 2017
I installed the fingerprint reader app and after rebooting to complete the installation process the screen just flickers with the cursed appearing with the loading but doesnt show the space to type the password
by YOGESH DEVRA on 27 August 2017
When i m installing the hp protect tool in Windows 7 ,i got a pop-up that shows"framework 4.5 is required".

And when i m installing framework shows something other requirements for that.

Please help me for that.

by zorro on 24 January 2017
works like a charm....
by wilson on 15 November 2016
i have installed it on my windows 7 and is only showing me password not fingerprint
by jj on 19 May 2016
Tested today with a HP EliteBook 2570p and fresh Windows 10 installation. The fingerprint reader works out of the box with the drivers installed by Windows, configuring it in Windows Hello
by John Swindells on 19 May 2016
That's good to know. Thanks for sharing!
by inot on 14 May 2016
none of these works :(
by Alaa on 30 March 2016
Thank you for sharing the info
by ebube on 25 September 2015
sir please i tried installing the h.p protect but it said it not surpported on this system
by matthew romero on 20 December 2015

Download this

it will auto extract to C:/SWsetup

under SP56957,


then head to device manager and in fingerprint driver, uninstall it the rescan for new hardware and it will show up as unknown device, then select that, and choose update driver then choose browse computer and then select let me choose my driver,then nagivgate to the folder te drivers extracted to open the folder once in go to drivers and open, then open WBF_451_DRV and select the first wbf_vfs451.inf driver file dont go into the x64 or x86 folders theres nothing there after that windows hello should apper in your sign in options

by Abdul on 29 July 2015
I installed the hp protect tool but it does not work
by Anish on 15 January 2015
i have brought hp350 g1 and i wanna make my fingerprint scanner workable......its operating system is windows 8 64bit...can i have any solutions??
by Mahmood on 30 October 2014

My Laptop is HP ElteBook 8440p with Win8.1 Pro.

I solved the problem by installing sp58900.exe (validity sensor (WBF) 09/06/2012 - v4.4.234.00) and SimplePass v6 and disabling & enabling the device from Device Manager!

by Mohammad on 26 December 2014
Hi Mahmood, my laptop and operating system is the same, but how can I download that driver?


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by Felixx on 09 December 2013
Thank you !!!!

1-instal de driver

Validity Fingerprint Driver (International)

2-windows update firework 4.1.5.

3-Remove Verisoft / Digital Persona)

3- install HP ProtectTools Security Manage

by Sa_Ti on 18 November 2013
Everytime I try to install HP Protecttools it keeps saying it's incompatible!! I've Win 7 Prof 64 on HP Elitebook 2530p and I'm d.loading the correct version.

I've tried contacting HP Support. At first they told me to buy HP Protecttools Manager, then they sent me a "solution". This was a Fingerprint Scanner Verification Driver which won't unpack because the file is corrupt...

All I want to do is use the fingerprint scanner! I've already spent 20 hours downloading, installing, un-installing and rebooting my laptop through HP's maze of sp45667's etc. not to mention about 7 versions of Protecttools which I cannot uninstall and are v. large files...

If HP cannot provide a solution. I think the only option is to buy an external fingerprint scanner (average price %u20AC90).

If anyone from HP would like to rectify,

My email is above,



by eravse on 12 November 2013
Thank you very much. It works perfectly ... great job.
by John Swindells on 12 November 2013
Glad to hear it. You aren't on Windows 8 by any chance are you? I'm wondering whether there's any chance of compatibility there, you see.
by Scott on 03 November 2013
TESTED ON HP DV6 with VFS301 fingerprint sensor Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

After much troubleshooting, I managed to figure out the cleanest way to get the fingerprint driver working on W7.

Press WIN R and type in services.msc then press enter

Enable the following services: Windows Biometric Service | Credential Manager | Remote Procedure Call (RPC) | Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework

Uninstall all fingerprint drivers and softwares

Remove fingerprint driver from device manager

Restart computer

Download the updated fingerprint driver sp56957.exe sp56957.exe.

Open Device Manager

Install sp56957.exe

Refresh Device Manager wait about 5-60 seconds depending on your computer

Windows should re-detect the unknown device and start installing the new driver

Download the HP Simplepass Software sp63224.exe.

Install and enroll fingerprints

by Chris on 24 September 2013
Is there a way to just install the fingerprint reader? The HP Protect Tools Suite is HUGE and overbearing bloatware that does all kinds of things without asking, I'd rather type in my password than being micromanaged to death, thank you.
by Britton on 08 January 2015
I know what you mean Chris. I installed the HP Security Suite as well. I have to say, I hate HP software. It's the most bloated garbageware I've ever had to use.

I came here hoping someone would have an answer as to why Windows 7 (64bit) won't just use the reader with the biometrics software that's built into Windows. The "driver only" package is installed and the system sees the device but Windows still claims there is no finger print reader attached. Which is complete nonsense. There must be a way to use the reader but not have to install anything from HP in the process.

The search continues....

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