Did HP or UPS Damage My Elitebook?

I'm sure it's not a ticking bomb... but ever since my laptop returned from a UPS-handled trip to HP's Poland service centre (for a simple night light replacement, no drama) it has been making strange high-pitched ticking and 'scratching' noises. These noises are intermittent and only seem to happen for a shortish period after the laptop's been turned off for a while, so may be temperature related. My big worry is of course that it's the hard disk that has developed some sort of fault, for example by taking a knock whilst in transit or at the service centre.

15 November I ran a full hard disk scan at the weekend (chkdisk on Windows 7, requiring a reboot and an hour or so to run). I didn't notice if it found any errors, but since then haven't noticed any noises, so fingers crossed - but the question remains: DID MY LAPTOP's TRIP TO AN HP SERVICE CENTRE DAMAGE MY HARD DISK?


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