Book Promotion

Once you have successfully constructed a sales platform for your book (by creating/utilising a good website and payment processing/delivery system), you need to market your book. Remember that marketing does not need to be purely on-line; with some careful thought and a bit of luck you can generate a lot of interest with phone calls and meetings, but you do still need a quality online presence to refer people to.

Here are some simple places (in no particular order) you can use to market your book:

  • Google Book Search Partner Programme where you can have your entire book indexed by Google (but retaining copyright of course) but only have excerpts published if you want.
  • Microsoft Live Books Publisher Programme where you add your content to Live Search Books. Participation in the program is free.
  • Project Gutenberg Europe which allows full search and free (public domain) distribution of books. This is not a realistic option for copyrighted work that you need for an income stream! But it could be used for showcasing shorter pieces.


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