A Self Publisher

A good friend of mine, David Mason, has a strong portfolio of poetry, stories and music aimed at a younger audience. He has been struggling down the traditional publishing route for some time, and in my opinion would benefit from a determined online self-publishing strategy.

There are several angles of attack:

  • Put more material on the author's website: excerpts that make the visitor want to read on.
  • Provide an online ordering system; most people are not patient enough to print out an order form and send off a cheque. Online payments can be tough for the non-techie on a limited budget, but it would be simple to provide purchase links to on-demand publishers such as Lulu.com. Which leads onto the next point...
  • Get signed up for one or two on-demand publishers of choice, to alleviate the publishing and distribution headache.
  • Get noticed in search engines such as Google by using their paid search facilities.
  • Promotion in the wider Web community, using high-traffic sites such as Digg.com to get the word out.


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