Paris-Brest-Paris 2023

Taking place on at 12AM

Location: Rambouillet, France

PBP 2023 is scheduled to run between August 20 and 24. The starting town is Rambouillet (view on Google Maps). I've put the approximate route on This is a massive event, and 8000+ riders are expected to take part. There are also qualifying criteria, and a pre-qualifying period to get your entry in sooner.


The most significant criterion is having to ride a "BRM SR" in the same calendar year as PBP. A BRM SR is a "Super Randonneur" award where all of the rides are classified as "Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux" (NOT the same as a regular Brevet de Randonneurs). For confirmation, see these pages on event classification; randonneur awards.

Here are the dates when qualifying BRMs must be ridden:

  • 200k: Sat 7 Jan - Sun 30 Apr
  • 300k: Sat 11 Mar - Sun 21 May
  • 400k: Sun 9 Apr - Sat 10 Jun
  • 600k: Sat 6 May - Sat 24 June


As far as I can gather, the ability to pre-qualify gives you a bigger choice of start times. The longer your qualifying ride in 2022, the sooner you can pre-qualify. Note that this year is unusual in that it includes London-Edinburgh-London (a 1500km BRM event), so there will be loads of people being able to pre-qualify with a 1000km+ distance.


A UK pubinar is being organised for October, aimed primarily at PBP first-timers. It's at The Compasses in Littley Green near Chelmsford, and there's a thread all about it on yacf. Also in that thread, Lightning Phil has very kindly given an overview of the timescales and what's required to get a place.

There's also lots of information supplied by Cambridge Audax: Cambridge PBP Pubinar #1 — The Red Lion, Histon (18 June, 2019).

For more info, see this Audax UK news item and the Audax Club Parisien website.

Here's a useful write-up of PBP 2019.

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