Lotus League 2013: Round 5

Taking place on at 6PM

This year we are holding a TTT on the 5th June, we will use the whole circuit and the distance will be 5 laps for 4 man teams, but we will allow teams of 3 to enter so long as they all finish. We will allow time trial bikes (if people want to stoop to that level) but no fixed wheel machines.

If you wish to enter a club team or a mixed team please email (Ian Doe - ian@iandoe.wanadoo.co.uk) a list of the riders in that team by Saturday 1st June. Entry fee for this event is £10 per rider. If you have a member of the team that does not hold a BC Licence for this one occasion the LCCRL will pick up the cost of the day licence for this rider.

We will not allow any warming up on the circuit once the racing has started but you can use turbo's.

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By John Swindells

Category: Cycling


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