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A Winter Solstice Ride is a type of long-distance cycling event that is held around the winter solstice, which is the time when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator, usually on December 21 or 22nd. These events are typically organized by cycling clubs or organizations and are usually held on or around the solstice as a way to challenge riders and to celebrate the shortest day of the year.

The format of the ride can vary but often they are timed events, with a time limit to complete the course. They also can be done in groups or as solo riders. The route can be a fixed one or a self-supported one. Often, it's a way to challenge one's self and test the limits of cycling during the cold and dark winter season, with the added difficulty of shorter days and the possibility of harsh weather conditions.

There were 47 rides mentioning "Winter Solstice Ride" in this week , burning 39310 calories (that's 836 kCal each)

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