Proposed Smoking Ban

Tuesday 16th November, 2004

Okay, so it hasn't happened yet, but the UK Government looks set to press for a ban on smoking in all workplaces in England, including restaurants and pubs. This is certainly a contentious issue, but wherever such a ban has been introduced it has ultimately been a popular decision.

The news has come out in the form of a White Paper, which is effectively Government agenda. The Scottish Parliament is introducing a ban very soon, but it appears to be unenforcable as the police are not prepared to take any action on offenders.

Most people are polarised one way or the other, with some taking the view that this is an example of Nanny State interference, and others deeply resentful at the nasty atmosphere caused by cigarette smoke.

One thing is sure sure, though; it should have a smoother ride than the Hunting Bill!

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