Types of Oil Boiler

With limited exceptions, all oil-fired boiler installations in the UK need to use a condensing type of boiler. This energy-efficient boiler comes in several varieties of drain options:
  • internal stack pipe
  • waste pipe
  • external gully or drain
  • rainwater hopper
  • custom-made soakaway

Oil boilers can still take different forms, according to the home's plumbing:

  • Combination oil boilers heat water on demand, and there is no hot water cylinder.
  • Regular oil boilers simply heat water to e stored in a hot water tank.
  • System oil boilers are like regular oil boilers, except that they contain various other heating parts too, eg, the pump.

It is possible to have an oil boiler efficiency of up to 97% - that is, 97% of the oil's thermal energy is converted to heat. In the UK there is a scale rather unimaginatively called SEDBUK: Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK, and this defines ranges of boiler efficiency to help you narrow down your options easier. An A-rated boiler is 90% efficiency or greater.


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