BoilerJuice is owned by...

... Welsummer Ltd (as of October 2011).

Before then, it was owned by...

... GB Oils.

Once upon a time BoilerJuice would try to get the best price for you by aggregating quotes from people in the same area and finding the cheapest supplier. It was a brilliant idea and appeared to work quite well. When BoilerJuice was taken over by GB Oils (the largest single oil-distribution company in Great Britain), it simply claimed to "deliver millions of litres of heating oil to thousands of customers". It also claimed that "you can benefit from Group Savings as we automatically group your order with others in your area, passing any savings directly on to you", with no mention of finding the best supplier.

Now that BoilerJuice is independent once again (Welsummer Ltd is owned by Paul Ward, one of the BoilerJuice founders), it is worth keeping a close eye on them for prices. Their quote page now only offers different quotes according to how soon you want the oil delivered, but they assure us that they "offer prices from a number of participating suppliers for each postcode area we cover". They only present the cheapest price because "the supplier could change between the point of ordering and the time that the order is processed."

To read more on consolidation and oil price comparison sites, see Who are you buying your domestic heating oil from? (on

Find the cheapest supplier: the Heating Oil Club and whichOilSupplier are ways to save money by ordering at the same time as others in your rough postcode area.

Note that is owned by GB Oils


by Victoria Trevethan on 03 March 2022
This company does not fulfil its obligations. I am a 76 year old disabled lady living alone, recently diagnosed with stage 2 Cancer.

I depend upon myAga for cooking, heating and hot water. Oil ordered 13th February.. told them 1\4 full. Promised delivery 24 th no phone number. Chat line promising delivery26th . Still no oil.

by Gareth White on 15 October 2019
I have bought my heating oil from HomeFuels Direct for many years now and they are normally the cheapest and i find and service is spot on -
by HomeFuels Direct on 10 January 2017
I always use to check the price of heating oil - they have a daily heating oil price comparison graph which shows other heating oil suppliers' prices too!
by charliefox on 12 August 2017
Just got Quotes from 5 websites.For 1075 lts Kerosin

Homefuel Direct £496.54

Boiler Juice £479.32

The Heating Club £478.03

Highland Fuels £476.78

Value Oils WINNER £441.34

One might imagine the first 4 in a cosy cartel!!

But I bought the Tank Additive from Boiler juice

as it's hard to find elswhere.

Moral of story. Shop around.

by Anthony on 05 December 2016
I found to be very reliable, they work on a price comparison basis too!
by Louise on 14 November 2017
Try to get a quote for comparison. I like to use their site because they have a simple quote calculator tool. Gets the job done!
by unclescot on 02 April 2013
Worth trying to see if there is a club in your area - or start one up if there is not. I have found our local club to be far cheaper - recent order placed this Easter weekend was 9p a litre cheaper than Boiler Juice (and this was not comparing it to the emergency delivery price). I used to use Boiled Juice but found that I could always beat the price with a few calls.
by Sharon Rivard on 31 January 2011
I used to work for one of the companies owned by DCC - at the time there were 3 different 'companies' all sitting in the same office. We would just answer the phone using the company name for which ever phone number the customer came in on. Was a complete rip off getting the same person phone phoning us 3 times.
by John Swindells on 31 January 2011
Hello Sharon, that's really interesting - and alarming! Would you get in touch please so that we can discuss this further?
by Heating Oil on 23 November 2010
Hmm actually it is worse than that the DCC group own something like nearly 40 companies so it makes you think who is actually competing

Personally I stick with one company as with 2-3 fills a year the price balances out and is a lot less hassle.. So plug for them so far they have not let me down.

by c swan on 15 March 2018
Butler are now part of DCC
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by James Charles on 04 November 2010
Boiler Juice is actually owned by DCC an irish based company who own over 30 UK oil suppliers including GB Oils. Boiler juice do still use the cheapest supplier price on the day from a number of oil companies. The new format that they use with price based on delivery times only reflects the cheapest price availabe on the day for that delivery option. If by clicking on the show all tab, it still shows you all the prices from each of the suppliers. Just so this blogg does not seem to pro boilerjuice and that Im not a DCC employee :) I would like to add that boilerjuice has not been the most competitive site over the last few months to buy Heating Oil is
by Ray West Sussex on 02 January 2013
Tried 'fuelfighter' but their delivery area seems very limited. Cannot deliver to my post code so that's one up for 'boilerjuice' as there supplier base seems more able.
by ukoilman on 02 November 2010
Rumours are rife that cannot maintain heating oil margins because they are competing against themselves in a number of instances and areas without any cohesion or communication between the distributors owned ultimately by GB oils. This is leading to overcharging and non-competitve pricing. They have been asking distributors if they,, can NOW! put up their commission rates from 1p to 3p a litre. This seems to detract from the original purpose of why boilerjuice was originally set up by someone called Paul, a non oil industry nerd out to make money on the backs of others. So where does this leave the consumer? Well it could be by up to 3p per litre poorer. Hardly fair because some non industry people don't know how to run their businesses properly. "Caveat Emptor", Back to basics the consumer is going to have to do their own research again. However, further rumours abound about the site, yes not .com. This site is being prepared for a head on confrontation with, is run by 35 year oil industry veteran and is only charging 0.35p per litre commission compared to's commission of 3.00p per litre. Time to switch? Probably.
by Pilly57 on 21 July 2011
The guy who set up Boilerjuice is Paul Ward from Allington, nottinghamshire, very close to Chandlers Oil And Gas (a little too close for me. What's interesting is that this outfit were trying to set up another group in 2008, nothing untoward there, but I find the surname "Ward" crops up again !!! ...Paul Ward, or relative? ...I smell a rat!
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